Thanks, stalkers! I appreciate being so important in your life.


OMG. They’ve — my Facebook stalkers –brought 62 skank wad views to my blog in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, I got a Tweet from a dude who saw something I tweeted Clay Travis and it read: “Hey, hard to beat a Nashville girl that’s a UT AND a Cards fan.”

I thanked him much for the reminder that there are more cool people than psychos online. So, I tweeted at him for a few, rehashing which games we’ve seen live, meanwhile that cesspool of rejects with minimal social skills — is it still called “The Dickson Scene” — are whirling around online about someone they don’t even know, me.

And I thank my cyberstalkers for that — for driving up my web traffic.

The Tennessean keeps printing me, stalkers keep the traffic coming, I keep pitching articles to the national publications until they run them, Twitter keeps loving me and retweeting me — they’ll still be small time talking about me online while I score that book deal. Kiss my cute little ass, lowlifes.

Skanks are soooo easy.


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