Barack ‘N Roll Bookstore

Because I know I’ll never really go back to Knoxville until something happens to my grandma, here’s my crazy dream. A want to sell my house and buy a little shop downtown. And thanks to the Curcio’s influential clout, they’ve changed the zoning codes and you can now live on the main level —  put  a little apartment in the back. In the front, I want to have a little book store that sells used books, black and white photography,
sports, music and presidential memorabilia. Yes, I would even carry (or make) Republican crap,  I’d just roll my eyes at you when you buy it. Think about it.  Where else could you get a black and white photograph of The Beatles, a sketch of the Ryman,  a hand-painted Tennessee Vols sign, and then pick up a used $4 hardback on FDR. And I want to call it the “Barack ‘N Roll Bookstore.”  It would basically be like me selling all the crap you find in my house. Isn’t that the cutest idea?

And while I was thinking of this I pulled on my road and my Trump neighbor was out in the yard when I drove by, and he did that thing where he shakes his head, rolls his eyes and mumbles to himself (I’ve got to find out who he is) and I liked the idea even better. I like the idea of rednecks being angry every time they see the word “Barack” downtown. It really wouldn’t matter if you make much money, because I own and live in the building — ha!


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