Alright. I’ve had just enough of Twitter today over this gorilla. I’m sorry that a gorilla died. It is sad. But never, ever will an animal be more important than a human child. Ever. I don’t care how he ended up there. I don’t care if it was “irresponsible parents.” I care that an unedited video clearly shows the child’s life was in danger. I got into a Twitter war earlier with someone who said, “You do know that they could have tranquilized the animal, right?”

I said, “You do know they don’t work immediately, right? You do understand that he was dragging the child through water, right?” “You do know that drowning can happen in a matter of seconds, right? You do understand that brain damage from lack of oxygen is irreversible, right?”

It didn’t go well for crazy “animals are more important than kids” lady after that.

It’s sad that the animal had to die, but the trainers — those who love, raise, and care for the gorillas — made the choice they felt they had to make. And it was the right one. Everyone is assuming that the parents were irresponsible, but I can tell you, as someone who spent three years taking care of twins, anyone that says a toddler can’t get away in a matter of seconds is someone who didn’t watch their kids very well. Or at least not as well as I watched mine. Because I know disaster can happen in seconds.

Instead of instantly assuming the parents are unfit and asking where they were, why aren’t we asking the two really important questions. 
Which are:  1) why do we even still have archaic entertainment like zoos, and 2) why do we have zoo enclosures that a four-year-old can outwit?

That’s the real question. The one nobody seems to be asking. I love animals, and there are crazy animal activist in my family that are as passionate over animals as I am children and rectifying inequality. But it’s a disturbing day in America when the life of an animal becomes more important than the potential danger of death to a human being.

Particularly a child. Even more so when those “an animal didn’t have to die!” screamers defend the unnecessary killing of an unarmed black man with, “But he shouldn’t have ran, though!”

I’ve had just enough of these animal activists today. I am team human kid, every time — that’s just the way it is.

It’s irrelevant how he ended up there — the fact is, he ended up there and action had to be taken! Animal rights are important and I’m glad that there are those that are passionate about that cause. 
It’s necessary, and I, personally, believe it’s a form of God’s work. However, if we as Americans cared as much about children, regardless of where they came from, as some of us seem to care about animals, we might really actually make a difference in this world.


4 thoughts on “Harambe.

  1. All i read was bias, bias, biased opinions…. Those who love humans above other races are the same humans that hurt this planet in order for humans to escape our nature. We will bring the end towards our kind and we will fully deserve it because of this favoritism.

  2. I’m sorry but I still believe endangered animals are more important then 1 human being, non of them would’ve if a parent knew to just keep an eye on their kid that’s all it would’ve took, and call me evil or messed up but if I had the choice I would rather of the gorilla of survived no matter what

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