More on Harambe.

I spent Memorial Day catching up with Lisbeth Salander, who for some reason, I hadn’t checked in on since…  like, the last Memorial Day.  (I’m still on The Girl Who Played With Fire.)  Yet, I could not get out of my head some of these comments that I have read over Harambe the gorilla.

From what I’ve gathered, apparently, the mother had a baby in her arms when it happened. Also, another mother was watching when he went over the railing and said it couldn’t have been prevented by “keeping up with your kid” because she was watching when it happened and she wasn’t fast enough to stop it.

People keep spouting off about how in 38 years no one had ever went over the rail, but in 50 years the NFL had never seen a quarterback like Cam Newton and then he happened.

Do you know how Eric Berry’s father knew he was gonna be Eric Berry? When he flipped out of a swing backwards, did a full flip in the air, landed on his feet — before they could stop him — stetched his arms out,  looked up and said, “Ta dah!”

He was six years old.

The mother has been harassed by internet trolls and her personal information leaked to the world, but if this kid grew up to be Chris Johnson, these Conservative pundits wouldn’t be writing things like, “All I’m saying is gorillas are an endangered species, stupid people are not,” on Twitter, now would they?

Oh wait, scratch that — Chris Johnson is black. I better go with Tom Brady.

(Massive, massive eye roll at the world today.)


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