On Harambe, My Granddad, Black Lives, and Self-Righteous White People BullShit in America

Alright, I’m fixing to rage — to go off on — America. Every single one of these people that have pushed back on Twitter (celebrities included) with their tweets that have garnered thousands of likes have come back at me with, “I never said a human child is not more important than an animal,” over my Harambe post.

On Harambe

Okay. (Sigh.)  Let’s establish two facts as truth, shall we?

1)  a human child was in captivity of a gorilla and 2) the gorilla would have killed the child.
We can all agree on that.

If not, if you’re still one of these “oh, the gorilla was protecting the child” ridiculousness-peddlers, then I’m likening you to the anti-vaccine science deniers, and this conversation is over.   You fall into the category of one of those crazies that think because you have access to a social media account, then you have more information than the professionals and scientists that have obtained degrees and spent a lifetime studying this stuff, because they all conclude that the gorilla would have crushed the child.

So, with that established as fact — the gorilla was killed to save a human child. When you write anything else with anger over the death of the gorilla, particularly when you write “a gorilla died needlessly” — that’s  EXACTLY what you’re saying.

A gorilla died to save the life of a human child.  So, again, when you say a gorilla was killed needlessly,  you’re saying it was not necessary to kill a gorilla to save a child.

Now, we can talk all day about how the gorilla should not have been there in the first place. And how animals were not made to be spectacles for human entertainment, but that’s not the basis of the mainstream argument. It’s that the parents should have watched the kid better, or it’s anger at the zookeepers because they “didn’t have to kill the animal.” When,  in fact, they did.

How he, the kid, ended up there is irrelevant. At that point in time, a human child was in captivity of a gorilla and action was taken to save the life of a child. End of discussion.

So when you come at me saying, ” I’m not saying that animals are more important than children,”  you sound like a self-righteous idiot who is in denial over your own argument — because that’s exactly what you’re saying!

(Yes, Michelle Beadle or Piers Morgan, I’m talking to you.)

And I suppose that’s what angers me.

On Self-Righteous White People Bullshit

The most blatant example of willful stupidity I can think of is from my own life. This example, a friend of my little cousin’s — y’all  know I’m not shy about saying what I think or of whom I think it — who (this particular chick) is one of the most persistent voices on all of the local Facebook public pages over animal “rights.” Who is always on community group Facebook pages ranting about a dog or about saving a dog. And I think that is a beautiful thing.  It’s necessary, it’s important, and I commend you for that. And I thank you for your passion. However, this person was also the author of two of the top “liked” comments on The Tennessean’s Facebook page regarding Syrian refugees — with a comment something along the lines of:  “We don’t need those people here.” 

And I responded back with something in the realm of how it’s my understanding that she was in possession of one of the hardest Bachelor’s degrees that there is — Registered Nursing —  and employed by a world renowned medical facility, but yet somehow, still not in possession of the skills it took to research the actual screening process that Syrian refugees go through before they come here? How the hell is that possible?  

I also queried her, and others,  as to why it is they’re running around saving every dog in Middle Tennessee, but seem to look at human life — seem to believe a  certain sect of human life — is beneath them. Also,  how one can claim to care about God’s creatures, but think that his most complex and beautiful one, human beings, are beneath them. More specifically, when — let’s just say it — their skin tone is brown.

And that’s what gets me so angry I could punch somebody, except for that would only make me sound like Donald Trump. (On second thought, Trump just talks about it, my short little ass will seriously debate coming for you over your proud penchant and affinity for racism or child endangerment; child poverty; child exploitation. Really.)

It’s that some of these same animal “activists” on social media are the same ones that I’ve seen repeatedly — for years, now — not giving a flip about Tamir Rice. Or thinking, advocating,  that Trayvon Martin really had to die. Making excuses for police unnecessarily (and unlike the gorilla defenders, I’m using that word correctly) emptying their clips into an unarmed black man, when honest, legitimate law enforcement officers don’t even make excuses for actions such as that. That’s what sickens and saddens me, America. We’ve lost our way.

These “animal” people — and let’s be real, I’ve seen some of them, they’ve gained 70 pounds since high school, so they’re not exactly sitting at home eating tofu every night — bitch, rant, rave, cyberstalk people over their “animal rights” crusades, while simultaneously enjoying their steak dinner. It’s first world, privileged bullshit.

And I’m disgusted at it.

On Black and Brown Lives

Most Americans don’t care, haven’t given a second thought to the 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Conservative, so-called “prolife” animal lovers  who go on the internet and crusade over “Amendment 1” and abortion, and trying to “save human babies.” But never give a thought to the orphans in Haiti still looking for moms and dads. Why?  Because they’re black and Haiti is a poor country.  If they were sitting on a pile of oil, we’d all have our noses up their ass.

It makes little sense to me to claim to want to save babies, but you don’t give a damn about the ones that are already here.

I see these same folks — folks angry over animals — sitting their fat asses on their leather couches and eating meals of red meat, and they, particularly the Southern ones, were some of the biggest George Zimmerman defenders.  In the wake of everything that George Zimmerman has done, his repetitive, callous attempts at throwing in the world’s face that he, in fact, murdered Trayvon Martin and got away with it — I don’t see any of his enthusiastic defenders speaking now, do you? No, interestingly enough, they’ve all gone silent on social media, haven’t they?

They’re all crusading for another “pro-life” or pro animal cause, yet when the death involves a person of color or the life that needs to be saved was birthed in another country, on another continent — silence.  Always.

Gosh, we Americans love immigrants when they come here to whack a long ball, star in our films, stitch our asses up, or cure our cancer.  But when the rest of humanity needs our help,  umm… not so much.

It’s okay if you think America should take care of its own before policing and saving the world. We are in agreement, there. What’s not okay, is carrying some high dollar leather handbag while your willfully ignorant ass rants about “saving the animals” and concurrently dismisses portions of the human population as beneath you, simply because you’re white.  And/or because you obtained your political education, and developed your world views, while channel surfing from some Jersey Shore smut show and accidentally landed on Fox News.

But without fail — set your f*cking watch by it — some of these same conservatives so outraged over anybody on the internet that would attempt to suggest the truth, that George Zimmerman murdered a 139 lbs, unarmed,  barely 17-year-old kid and got away with it, are  angry over a damn gorilla.  And we don’t care about Sandra Bland — who, don’t be ridiculous, never killed herself –we don’t care about Anthony Hill, we don’t care about humans that are gunned down unnecessarily because they’re black or brown or poor, do we, America? 

We have children living in conditions we cannot fathom in places like South America and Africa. We have females that are sex slaves — female CHILDREN that are sex slaves —  that have a real life experience that is more of a nightmare than anything that can haunt us in our sleep, and we don’t care.  We. Don’t. Care. But we go insane with outrage and push back over an animal, all the while ignoring God’s most important creation:  human life.  You can’t claim to be pro-life, you can’t rant about abortion, you can’t wave your guns around,yelling, “Yee haw, Granny, arm yourself, get a gun, by God!” and then not give a two-second shit about the life that is already here.

You can’t claim to be divinely inspired to fight for Mother Earth’s animals, and not fight for her most beautiful one:  humans.

We need a reality check, America.

Every night I pray: ” Lord, if you give me the clarity and the determination and the dedication to pen that Best Seller, I will use the funds to adopt 3 kids from Haiti, 2 from Somali, and 5 from Syria — just to piss the white people off.”

And one from the Dominican. Because, baseball.

This is not the America I know. And it’s shameful.

On America and Our Legacy

I get my patriotism from my grandfather. He served in the Army, the Navy, the National Guard. We never knew our father, but we had him and a great Uncle who served in the Air Force in the Korean War. My grandfather willingly joined the Navy to fight Hitler and Japan — like so many of America’s greatest generation — and he was called up during the Korean war with his entire reserve unit. He went to actively serve at Fort Meade, Maryland, without reservation.

I’m proud as Hell of that.

I learned from them, my Pop and my Uncle Chunky, about patriotism and about the responsibility and the obligations that came with the gift of the freedom bestowed upon Americans.  I knew early on that I would never serve my country in any military capacity because 1) I’m a selfish sissy who hates guns, 2) they wouldn’t take me if I tried, and 3) the generation born to Vietnam-era parents viewed military service as a sure fire way to come back in a pinebox — and I’m not that brave. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t dream of fighting for, and defending, my nation. I dreamed of law school and a Senate run. Now, I dream of making a difference with my words.

We have to prioritize, America — the world is watching.  70 migrants go into the sea and we don’t give a shit, but an animal is off’d, tragically and sadly, to save a human life, and we’re protesting in the streets.

We’re soul sick, America. And I ain’t gonna hold your hand or co-sign your privileged ignorance while we overdose on an abundance of affluence and self importance. The only remedy is a truth vaccine — and I’ll be administering doses every day until I save as many as I can.

Why? Because, I too love animals — no matter what color their coating.


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