You Know — White People Lose Kids, Too.

Do all writers feel this same rage? Why don’t people? Some conservative tweeted me that, “Only dumb ass liberals care about animals, and where’s your outrage for the black people murdered in Chicago?”  Not very original — strictly O’Reilly regurgitation –but I responded, “I’ve plenty of outrage over gun violence, that’s why I’m a champion for Hillary Clinton, hoss.”

When will we learn, America?! Animals are innocent, yes. But since when are 3-year-olds not? (When they’re black — maybe?) We don’t release the father’s work history and criminal history when white kids get mauled to death at Zoos — and yes, it happens. Quite a few times in our nation’s history, actually. It’s disgusting the push back at the mother — now that I know she is black, some of the ridiculous articles (the Daily Mail) makes sense.

I don’t care who that pisses off.

Why are writers, apparently, the only one filled with rage over our ludicrous hypocrisy, America?


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