Trump Talking Out of His Ass, and the GOP Makes It Okay — Again.


Have you seen today’s piece in the New York Times about Donald Trump’s constitutional ignorance? It’s infuriating. Because it’s a reminder of that I don’t know who I despise more: Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell.  So Mitch McConnell says, “Eh, it’s okay if he’s an idiot because he’ll have people around him to help him know stuff — like basic Constitutional concepts, simple American legal principles, and the certain inalienable rights our founders set down for us. No big deal.”

Who the f-ck says that about a President?!

No, Mr. Senate Majority leader, it’s not okay that the presumptive Presidential nominee for your party — who is seeking the office of the most important job on the planet — is an ignorant, dumbass twat. That is most definitely NOT okay!  You know, it’s kind of a defining characteristic of the president of United States of America to be intelligent, McConnell! In fact,  that’s why Barack Obama was able to succeed despite obstruction at every turn because he outwitted you every time. He had a better, deeper understanding of constitutional principles, and every time you went to battle with him — he won. Repeatedly.  That’s kind of a necessity in a world leader:  intelligence, competence, knowledge.

The GOP wonders why their party is in the state it is in, but look at Paul Ryan — he comes out and endorses Trump, even though he clearly thinks he’s an unqualified imbecile, dickbag of a douche. You know that the Paul Ryans, the Bob Corkers, the Lamar Alexanders know from their experience working with Hillary Clinton that she is infinitely more qualified than Donald Trump, but they don’t have the backbone to say that. They’re spineless jellyfish who have no principle whatsoever.  And then they wonder why their party is the dumpster fire it is? Really?

Let me be clear — to borrow a fave phrase from my man with a tan in the Oval Office — I’m a die hard Democrat who has worshiped the Democratic course of this nation’s political history since the day I came out of the womb, and I wouldn’t vote for somebody like Donald Trump no matter how many damn “D” he stuck beside his name. My liberal behind voted, calmly, for Governor Haslam — because there really wasn’t another choice and it was necessary to cast a ballot in the gubernatorial race in Tennessee for your vote on proposed amendments to the state constitution to count — and took it like a man.

I didn’t even blink.

Why? Because it was the right thing to do. Simple.

I’ve only seen a few Republicans — Ben Howe,  is one of them; Katie Packer, another — that have the guts to stand up and say,”I don’t care if he’s a Republican, I will not vote for this man.”  The Republican party has not won a presidential election without a Bush on the ticket since before 1980, yet they throw the Bushes under the bus for Donald Trump, simply because the Bushes have the character to stand up and protest: “America, we cannot elect this man.”

Yet the go-along-to-get-along, doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, political novices like Marco Rubio, and the so-called tough talkers like Chris Christie and Ted Cruz now come out and claim to bravely back a man whose incompetence they’re well aware of simply for the sake of party “unity.” Yet, these same politicians wonder why Republican voters have shaken off the establishment, why Republican voters have rejected anything representing that “party.” Well,  your gut wrenching “endorsements” prove why — you stand for nothing; you’re weak, spineless, and sad. You’ve spent a decade convincing voters that facts aren’t their friend, yet you whine when you present them with truths about Trump — and then wonder, loudly, why they don’t respond?

Haven’t figured it out yet, Republicans? IT’S NOT HARD!

Yesterday as my heart went out to the pilot’s family who went down here in Middle Tennessee in the Blue Angels crash, I couldn’t help but think of Donald Trump’s proud stupidity when I listened to the Smyrna First Responders press conference. When presented with the same silly questions journalists prematurely ask at press conferences, one responded to the “can you tell us what might have caused the crash” with, “I have absolutely no way of knowing something like that at this time.”

Yet when the Egyptian airliner recently went into the sea — or should we say disappeared from the sky — it didn’t take Donald Trump long to claim something along the lines of how he could ” guarantee that that plane was blown out of the sky.”

Really, Trump? Wasn’t that a proposed possibility when the GermanWings aircraft crashed into the side of a mountain, and then the world found out that it was intentionally downed by the pilot on a mass murder/suicide mission?

How cocksure and arrogant do you have to be to speculate on the cause of the loss of human life before you have any information — particularly when you aren’t qualified to even make that assessment. How insensitive and disrespectful to the families of the deceased to use tragedy or terrorism as your political prop.

Not to mention, dangerous.

Can you imagine if all world leaders acted that way, “Run for the damn hills, Armageddon is here and it’s after your Jesus, your right to be straight, and your damn guns in the form of a Kenyan born, Muslim socialist — we may not get out alive!”

Leaders remind us to take a step back and a deep breath. They respond with clarity, calmness, truth, reassurance, and reason.  And they don’t talk out of their ass because it will hopefully scare the hell out of people and rial them up in a rage long enough to vote for you — because you know that’s the only way they’ll be stupid or scared enough to do so.

This — Trump — is so insulting, America.


2 thoughts on “Trump Talking Out of His Ass, and the GOP Makes It Okay — Again.

  1. What’s insulting is how the clintons steal, lie and cheat as officials of the US govt and get a pass from liberal media.

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