On Ali, Sally McStalk, and Why I’m a Badass.


My cyberstalker (which generally refers to Misty Mahan Dantico, but there’s a few — should I name them all?) must be copying and pasting links instead of simply sharing from my blog. Because there’s always views on certain posts that are unaccounted for. A spike on personal posts — versus political ones — that aren’t tracked from Twitter or Facebook. Ha, I  know you’re still watching!

You can’t live without me, haters!

What is it Ali said? 

“I can drown a drink a water, kill a dead tree, haters think they win, but they ain’t met no Candice Cie!”

Okaaaaay, maybe that wasn’t exactly what the Greatest said.


Your inability to stay away is exactly why 715 people pounced on my gorilla post in an afternoon and it topped out at over a thousand reads in a little over a day — thanks to Twitter. The next up was the Bernie Bro bash.

You’re not secretly snooping on me, asshole. Ha, anything on the internet isn’t private!

Good God, if I ever feel disappointed in my life, I realize how grateful I am to just not be as maladjusted as some people.

Like one of my idols, Ali, I do not live my life or conform my thoughts — my words — to what YOU think about me. Ali had gloves, I’ve got a pen. One thing nobody can ever take from Ali is he taught us all how to harness hate of others into fuel to propel ourselves. And to use whatever God given talent we’ve got to do it.

Let us honor the biggest, best trash talker of them all:




Get a life, you miserable bastards. Cause one day you’re going to have to pay to snoop in mine.

Now, you can run and paste that.

*Update on those”Dickson Scene” Facebook stalkers:

They shared my (^^ above) last post before I was even through cleaning Chipper’s litter box.

Gosh damn, I’m powerful. Mind control with a click. I just wrote that to see how quick they’d share it! My God, these people are losers.

It’s comical. I enjoy it. I didn’t.known grown people were so ridiculous.

Their poor mothers.


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