Shout Out To Mr. Rick Chandler, Dickson County!

Did y’all see Mr. Rick Chandler give them hell over the “vandalism” in the paper on Wednesday? Let’s all take a minute to acknowledge his awesomeness. I’ve always loved him for many reasons but the main one being I’ll never forget how he got up and gave me his seat during Jason Hogan’s funeral and then insisted that I take it because he could tell I was about to pass out — I was. I was standing there remembering how he used to tell my brother at Spence gym while we were all working out “you know I’m a go out with your sister, Landon! ” (I used to get so embarrassed) and then I just got dizzy and nauseous and Mr. Chandler came up and made me sit down.

But now, how about him going to bat for every kid in town over the vandalism? It was just tremendous. Let me also point out Mr. Tim Potter’s hypocrisy.  He said he would “never be persuaded by a hundred people on Facebook.”. Which I agree with. If I listened to what everybody on Facebook said,  heck — I’m an ignorant, close minded,  devil-loving hypocritical liberal who lives off food stamps (I don’t) and is going to burn in hell.  (I might).

So I agree with not listening to what the mob says on Facebook,  but there’s a big difference in that and actually responding to what the community says. Let’s also remember that when Mr. Danny Weeks decided to ban the display of flags on vehicles at school property,  it was Tim Potter that stepped up and told him that he didn’t have the authority to do that because kids have a “First Amendment” right to act like assholes and display their hate  symboms.  Why? Because, of course, he was responding to the push back of the redneck parents who want their kids to be able to go to school displaying the clothed mark of slavery in the school parking lot.  But now Mr. Potter says that the principal has the right to decide the punishment on “vandalism” and the right to do so without cooperation from the police department, but the superintendent didn’t have the right to decide the school’s flag policy?

How’s that again, Dickson County?

Yeah, I expect more sense than that out of a Cardinal fan, Mr. Potter. Those kids involved in the school “senior prank” received favoritism and you know it. Don’t lie, Yadi lover!


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