Joey “Bobby” Hilliard: Psycho CyberStalker #2

I’d like to thank Joey Hilliard — or Bobby, whatever he’s calling himself on Facebook this week (did you ever notice how these stalkers change their Facebook names a lot) — for participating in the trolling of my page, copying and pasting, screenshots of my status cross posted on public pages, reporting me to Facebook to get my account locked when I addressed their cowardly, despicable actions, and cyber stalking me over the last few years. How pathetic is your existence as a grown-ass, married man that you have to cyberstalk a little and single girl — repeatedly and so obsessively to the point I wondered if I shouldn’t contact the police.
( I read enough True Crime to know that those kind of psycho- obsessives are the kind that chop you up and dispose of you on the side of the highway on one of their long hauls.)

How pathetic. Really. I feel really sorry for your wife to be married to a man so consumed with another girl.

I guess there’s not enough in that big rig to keep you busy there, Bubba.

But God bless your little dumb and obviously in need of exercise, psychotic heart.

You know, at least I’ll give credit to one of the other cyberstalker — the only one of them I ever really liked —  least when I threatened to blast her shit (because I really like her kids and didn’t feel comfortable doing that), she deleted herself and went away — at least from trolling my page.

Hey, at least now they have a place to start if I get plowed over in a hit and run when I’m out for a run.


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