I may be a midget, Carla Tummins Howell, but I’ll still kick your ass.

I was laying here trying to sleep and I couldn’t help it, I started laughing and couldn’t stop. Thinking about one of my cyberbullies.  The one that’s never even been on my friends list, but yet she was the first one to call me a midget — Carla Tummins, now Carla Howell.

When she was running around with her now husband, who was married to my friend then, and he was still denying that he was seeing her and saying, “She’s so nasty, I wouldn’t touch her with Jeremy’s d-ck!”  she was going over to my friend’s house, which her father bought, and shacking up with a still married man like a common, home-wrecking skank, so I went there in my car — with my friend — and caught her there with my friend’s husband. What did she do? She barricaded herself behind the bedroom door.

I kept knocking on it, saying, “Come out, I know you’re in there, Carla!” 

He was saying, “Candi,  there ain’t nobody here! I told you!”

Before I left,  I went back in and told her, “Carla,  you left some potatoes boiling on the stove,  I salted them and turned them down.” 

She was locked inside the master bedroom bathroom so afraid that me or Chassidy was going to whip her ass. We laughed about that for weeks.  Chassidy was tearing into
him and I was banging on the door which she never would open. But, by gosh, she was the first one to join in the cyberbullying (this insult was couple years ago, and she’s still into it) calling me a “midget” and trash talking online, but yet if I saw her in town,  she’d be the first one to run in the bathroom and lock the stall door.

It still amazes me that at 4’10, I have more balls than some of these girls that have gained 150 pounds since high school and could sit on me. This is the real story of why she’s always been so quick to join in the fun because she wasn’t so quick to come out and get her ass kicked by me or Chassidy.

Cyber bullies, without fail, are always the definition of coward. And since I deleted one of the screen-shot and copy and pasters,  I’ll be sure to put this on my blog post so it can make it’s way around.


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