Making A List, Checking It Twice: The CyberStalkers.

Before I go back to Twitter, let’s see if I’ve got this taken care of. Which cyber stalkers, cyber bullies and trash talkers do I still have left? The years of white trash rednecks with no real-life social skills have left me straight up out of the ability to give a shit. Being the “bigger person” is for the birds. I’m sooooo good at shutting stupidity down, why waste that gift?

There’s the “Obama’s Coming For Yer Guns, My Only Friends Appear To Be On Facebook” Kami Watkins Tucker — who I don’t even know, but judging by her profile picture, my eyes are grateful for that favor. (But you can see my WordPress blog post “I Go Hard” where I take her and like-minded ridiculousness down.)

Who else?

The “Is This Really What You Do With Your Life?” psycho couple, the Woodards (Chris and Toni?) — who, again, I don’t even know.
But as typical, judging from their photos, I bet they have a lot of you-know-what with the lights out. Yuck.

There’s that Selfridge guy, but he’s such a sick, sad puppy that as big of demented dose of  pathetic senior citizen such as that isn’t worth my time. Or my burn skills. That dude’s straight creepy and talking about “Democrats want people to live off the government!” While he and his wife are cashing year long unemployment checks.

And then writing about it where he thinks people can’t read it. Dumbass.

There’s the too drunk to care for her kids, rebel flag flier who I said I wouldn’t name since she, at least, followed instructions. (But she’s the subject of “About those Media Stalkers…”) on WordPress.

Who else has given me obsessive internet hell overs the years? 

Oh, Jeremy Bunn. But his personal life and political incoherence are such a blistering, non-consuming dumpster fire, that he continuously does his own damn burn for me — every time he opened his ignorant internet mouth. You can see his ass crawling on my Blogspot, here:

( I’m not even sure he’s been on my Facebook in a couple years, actually. I don’t check.)

Umm… There’s Mistie — who I truly loved, truly, truly loved — who broke my heart when she started smoking crack and went crazy. I loved her son too much to blast her back — and Yvonne did that for me. And I had to, sadly, block her abusive psychosis awhile ago.

Let’s see, Jason Creary cyber stalked me. But that mother f-cker couldn’t even spell, so I just laughed at everyone of his attacks.

It’s called a dictionary, dude — get one.

In fact, Mr “Constitutional Scholar By Osmosis Overnight,” here’s a tip:  THERE’S ONE IN YOUR FREAKING PHONE!

He blocked me, I’m sure, to save his obviously-stupid face.

Who else?

I hit Ms “Ugly Face” Mahan multiple times. That damned trollface, white trashed, psycho cyberstalking twatwaffle.

Nailed Ms. “What The Hell Happened To Her Nose?” Howell.

And lambasted Mr. “Weren’t You In The Stupid Classes In High School”  Hilliard.

(Come to think of it, so was Ms Ugly Face Mahan. It all makes sense, now.)

Who else? Am I done?

Catch up with me on Twitter, friends. I feel finished.


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