Dear Facebook:

Dear, All:  Please read before I’m removed, banned, or blocked again.

I’ve  been reported to Facebook again — Facebook, I know you’re reading this — because “Facebook Review” showed up in my blog views again. Funny how Facebook can allow someone to copy and paste your personal posts to group pages, post screen shots on there as well, and enable the perpetrators of cyber bullying, but the minute I call them out — bam! The cowards report me and Facebook strolls through my posts or blocks me.

You hear that Facebook — again, I am the victim of cyberstalking and bullying and when the cry babies get called out, they run crying to Facebook.

Wonder which one it was this time? I set this to public — so I know you can see it, “Facebook Review.”

Are you in the business of facilitating cyber stalking, Facebook? And if you delete my posts or ban me in any capacity and I end up dead, I hope my mama sues Zuckerberg for millions.


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