We’re Soul Sick, America: On Orlando.


We are soul sick, America.

90% of abortions performed in this country happen in the first trimester, yet a large chunk of our so-called Christian citizens care more about an eight-week clump of cells than they do living, breathing kids. Particularly when those kids have a different skin color or speak a different language. More people died in Tennessee last year of heroin overdose than auto accidents, yet we still treat drug addiction like it’s a character flaw or moral defect. And the only time the same portion of our population cares about gun violence, is when there’s a black man that they can blame.

An American citizen, regardless of his religion, is radicalized for some reason — no different than the Planned Parenthood shooter or Dylann Roof who was radicalized by right-wing, ludicrous rantings of supposed Christian conservative whack jobs on the internet — and the gun lovers suddenly take notice when the religion is anything other than their own. But when a portion of our allegedly motivated by a dominating love of higher power, fellow American man only seems to react to mass tragedy when they can attempt to blame that American citizen’s psychotic break on Islam, we have issues. The San Bernardino attack was no different than what went down in Charleston, South Carolina, or what went down in Colorado with the Planned Parenthood shooter, but you have a right-wing that doesn’t want to address that or the multiple school shootings — like it didn’t happen.  Gun crimes, gun violence are committed daily in this country, and mass shootings seem to happen every other week.  Yet, we care more about blaming Obama or possessing weapons of war, than we do reducing the number of victims a psycho can kill before the cops get there.

Hell, I have to show my ID to buy cold medicine, and you’ll  get targeted relentlessly if you let your car registration expire, but I can walk in the store and buy a killing machine and nobody really bats an eye. The movie theater shooter in Aurora, Colorado,  bought more than my weight in ammunition online and no one even blinked.

It’s not about your 2nd Amendment rights.  Nobody wants your freaking gun — regardless of what the rednecks online and Sean Hannity scream at you. And dear God, I don’t give a damn how many shotguns you have.  I don’t care if you want to drive around with a handgun in your glove box.  It’s not about “coming for your guns!” It’s about common flipping sense, and at this point —  about limiting the number of people that die. And it’s about why we have so many untreated spiritually sick and mentally ill individuals in America, and about why are we giving them such easy access to killing machines.

And it’s especially about why we are  just going to stand around and whine about “Nobody is coming for my guns!”  while we watch the death toll get higher and higher and higher.

What is it you’re so afraid of,  America?   If Jesus saves, if Jesus is all-knowing and always protecting,  why the hell are  you “religious” white, right-wing nutjobs so afraid to step off the front porch without an assault weapon?

Read the words of the career military officers that say that the idea that  a “good guy with a gun” is going to save somebody in a shoot out, is just wishful thinking or somebody watching too damn many video games. When the shit goes down, trained professionals have to take a minute before that training kicks in, and you, Mr. untrained citizen “good guy” with your gun, are more likely to shoot an innocent bystander than actually get the bad guy. And that’s if you can find your weapon after pissing yourself.

All this “stop gun free zones” nonsense is bullshit. 

You know what stops shootings — mass shootings?  Grown ass men whose Mamas taught them how to tackle somebody instead of packing pistols like a pretty, petaled pansy every time they leave the house.  And metal detectors.

When is the last time you saw a mass shooting at an American sporting event or concert — it doesn’t happen.  Because you have to be searched or go through metal detectors before you enter an arena and they’re usually staffed with officers. It’s not the “gun free” zones that are the problem,  it’s the unenforced gun-free zones.

Every prosecutor, county official, judge, lawyer who has been targeted in recent years, have been targeted… Where? In the parking lot, because the “bad guy” can’t get a gun inside the courthouse.

I’m sick of hearing the same people talk about how “It’s a mental health problem,  not a gun control problem!” but yet they want to do nothing about mental health care.  Or want to block health care — like Obamacare and  giving everybody access to affordable health care, enforcing health care companies to cover substance abuse and mental health care rehabilitation. The batcrap religious crazies bitch and balk at that, but then turn around and say:  “It’s not a gun problem, America, it’s a mental health problem.”

I’ve heard it over and over again.

Or:  “Oh, it’s the end of times! It’s Armageddon!  The Bible said this is coming!”

Yeah,  I would have thought Hiroshima would have been more like Armageddon, asswipes.

It has nothing to do with the Bible, you nitwits.

It has to do with the fact that I can get a killing machine quicker than I can get a box of cold medicine; I can buy a gun with less effort than it takes to obtain tags and car insurance and a driver’s license.  You couple that with substance abuse, the fact that we’re overrun with prescription medication and that we are addicted to it; add in those that have nowhere else to turn, top that off with a failing mental health system, and a stigma that is still attached to both of the latter so that people who really want help can’t get it, are afraid to seek it, or don’t know where to turn. When is it enough for you, America?

You’re not GI Joe, and if you want to play with weapons of war, join the f-cking military. Your right to own a weapon, multi round ammunition, or a killing machine, does not trump my right to go somewhere without fear of dying in a mass shooting. And most of you alleged Christian, conservative gun-crazies who often quote Ronald Reagan, don’t even know what he stood for!  How many times do I have to tell you to read the OP-Ed he contributed to the New York Times where he called for gun control in the Brady Bill.

I’m sick of it, America!

I’m sick of it!  You know what?  You want to “build a wall!” Fine,  let’s build a wall around some part of the country we all agree on — I volunteer Arkansas — and you all can go there and live with your guns, angry white asses and your no health insurance, and you can live there and never raise minimum wage, and shout, “Jesus saves!”  until your mistreated cows come home.  You can have your wall, you can have Donald Trump as your own president, and the rest of us will try to restore sanity to what used to be the most powerful nation on the planet.

We still are. I’d still pick us over anywhere else on Earth — every damn day of the week.  But we’re soul sick and we’ve got to wake up, America.

And it has nothing to do with “taking your country back!” It has to do with taking common sense back to Washington and to our State Houses  and using it to write, enforce,and regulate the laws of the land — instead of religious crazies that wrap their corporate bidding in attempts to legislate morality. While people are dying every damn day in the street.

And in movie theaters.

And in clubs.

And in church….


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