On Dana Loesch and That Damn NRA Video.

Just yesterday, I saw that tweet that read: “I’m a Christian: ridicule me, torture me,  kill me,  but you won’t change my mind.” 

Of the instantaneously responsive thoughts that bounced around my brain, most prevalent was how strange that you would be willing to die for a faith that you don’t seem to want to live for. 

But my initial thought was that the question is:  Do you believe you have the right to ridicule, torture,  or kill others simply because they are not?

I lost an entire night sleep thinking about the “Godless left” video that the NRA posted yesterday.  And I lost a night of sleep because normally I would write, but I’m trying to channel all my writing into something more tangibly productive lately — so I had to run. I was that damn angry.

And now, here I am.

My initial reaction watching the video was that I wondered how long it took chick practicing that in the mirror to get the big words right. So I googled her. I had never heard of Little Miss 9 Millimeter Nancy, probably because I prefer people with actual talent and those who seem to be in possession of the ability to author independent and/or original thought, and sure enough her “education” ceased at some high school in Missouri — appropriately and coincidentally named Fox High School. Now, this woman rose to fame, for lack of a better word,  through submitting her “mommy blogs” to the St Louis paper. Nothing wrong with that. But how do you go from talking about Pampers to pistols, from being paid to dish nanny advice to national security. Or, more importantly,  passing yourself off as something that you’re not:  superior. Neither intellectually (which was apparent), nor by your self-bestowed belief that you are Jesus’ sole BFF and that you somehow speak for him, and quite comically, believe that HE actually NEEDS you to. Like the Almighty really needs you, Dana whoever-the-hell-you-are Loesch, to fight  his moral battles for him. (I guess he’s just not big enough himself, huh?) 

Ironically,  all the while,  accusing those that you self-righteously go after in the name of Jesus (and generally speaking, military-style assault rifles) and those that you label “being known as the Godless left” (and I’m sure Jesus told you that in one of your nightly snap chats) of doing the same thing. 

I’m perfectly aware and always willing to make others that  I, myself, never finished my college degree. But that never bothered me until recently because education isn’t always formal and I have never stopped devouring any and every written word I can find on anything that sparks my interest.  I’m insanely inquisitive like that. In the last decade, however, I’ve realized that walking out on my Poli Sci degree was my biggest regret and I made a promise to myself and my late Uncle Chunky that I will remedy that.

Because I value education more than anything. It gives you credibility when you might otherwise have none, and even when you can’t find a thing to respect about a person, when they are well educated — you’ve got yourself some starting ground.

But me,  I’m not making money convincing you that I’m coherent about matters befalling our nation. There aren’t misguided and misinformed souls that give me credibility.  No, I’m just talking for me.  I’m not posing as a political scientist, humanitarian, philanthropist, or even a Biblical scholar. I didn’t rise to prominence talking about diapers and then suddenly believe I turned into a constitutional scholar or a studious and prominent theologian. I don’t go around pronouncing others “Godless” or telling them that they’re going to burn in hell simply because they don’t believe that you’re Biblically commanded to pack a pistol in your King James toting fanny pack before you step off the front porch every morning.

And should that writing gig find its way to me — particularly one that puts me in the public spotlight — unlike a few of these loud, painfully uneducated “Conservative” bloggers, I would spend my evenings online or in class pursuing the completion of that forsaken degree to sustain my credibility — otherwise I’m a fraud.

But that’s what’s known as dignity. That’s what’s known as humility.

This chick obviously has neither. And since she was paid by and given a script from Kimbel — whose website refers to itself as a “leading manufacturer of premium production firearms” — for the spiritual warfare she wages on the “Godless left” (you know, people like me and those that I grew up with; staunch generations of old southern, Church of Christ going Democrats who didn’t abandon the party that saved the nation during the Great Depression simply because they suggested that black kids go to school with our white ones), her trite ridiculousness sort of makes sense.

They clearly know their audience.

And that, I believe, was where my problem lies the deepest with “Little Miss So Enraged and Angry” I can’t decide if she’s setting on an enema the entire time or if that’s just her freaking face. It wasn’t that she claimed she was a lifelong Democrat — you know, in high school.  You know, way back before she dropped out of Community College to marry the man that impregnated her and switched political affiliation because it “caused problems in their marriage” since he was a staunch Republican “Christian”  conservative — as evidenced by the fact that he knocked up a woman he wasn’t married to.

Now, no one is without sin.  And hers wouldn’t even be relevant if not for the fact that she has made a “career” out of insulting people like me, condemning me and my spirituality and my relationship with God  (both of which she knows nothing about), while talking out of both sides of her ignorant, internet ass. While concurrently never bothering to further her own education so that she might actually have a clue as to what the Second Amendment is,  let alone what it actually means, before she goes on national TV and talks at, and down to, everyone else. Preaching about her perceived status of the souls of those with my same political affiliations;  homeschooling her own children without obtaining any education of her own;  and demonstrating how people like that don’t actually desire knowledge, they don’t actually value experience,  don’t respect education or knowledge, or hell, even accurate information — and they certainly don’t wanna be in possession of any of their own. They believe they were just born with it and want to continue to make money off of the people who believe they “tell it like it is”  while taking kickbacks from the gun manufacturers, and pretending to actually care about the dead people in San Bernardino.

She pretends to “pray for the family,” talks about how the “Godless left” just wants to jump on this attack to push their gun agenda and how we, those demonic creatures to her political left, don’t actually take the time to mourn for any of these grieving,  heartbroken families or still wounded victims.

But it’s so strange and obvious that the only time the NRA or the gun nuts want to pray for the families or the victims that their most prized possessions have claimed, is when there’s a black person or Muslim pulling the trigger. Year after year, month after month, mass shooting after mass shooting, as this becomes the new norm — seeing bimonthly carnage on our  national news footage — from our own personal Facebook friends to  the comments left on local news media outlets and journalistic publications; to the gun lobbyist  manufacturers; to the Republican establishment and their politicians who further the NRA’s ridiculous “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” ridiculously irresponsible and untrue rhetoric, we have seen all too many times that their first response to a mass shooting is not to pray for the victims or offer thoughts and prayers for those injured or even to offer forgiveness to the mentally disturbed and deranged individuals who commit such heinous acts, but to instantly start posting, shouting or preaching about how “Obama ain’t going to get their guns” and “prying them from their cold dead hands.” Until it’s become second nature for the “Godless left” like me to point out how that if your response to a mass tragedy is to instantly publicly scream about how “nobody’s getting my gun!” before you even issues condolences to the families, then you are a disgusting and hypocritical walking example of the need for gun control — because the obsession of the American society within a certain segment of the population with weaponary is not only not healthy,  it’s downright sick.

And after years of Democrats complaining about this, this chick wants to use what the Right is guilty of every damn day in this country as an insult to my particular political party? Because there are more gun related mass shootings in 2015 then we’ve had days in the year, but yet, somehow, I suppose that makes sense. Because the Right only acknowledges victims when it was a “radical Islamic terrorist”.  Or, let’s just say it, a  black man pulling the trigger or a person of color responsible for the death of a cop.

So really, this is new for them.

They don’t actually experience the carnage like the rest of us,  week in and week out. So it makes sense that she would suddenly seem shocked that people would respond to just another gun killing in America with rage for the lack of leadership on gun laws. The rest of us have been watching people die — 20 first graders at once; 9 people in church; a cop, an Iraq war veteran, and a soldier’s wife (none of whom were even even patients at the Planned Parenthood) the day after similar attacks — regularly, for years.  But when they can label it “terrorism” and try to use it as a reason to win an election, they feign concern and prayers and pain, while the rest of the sane and less self-serving and insecure in our self-worth portion of this nation want action. They overlook the fact that the reason the “terrorist” Tashfeen Malik was even in this country was because a sick, disturbed American citizen went and married her so that she could get in.

ISIS isn’t in America. ISIS doesn’t even have planes. ISIS isn’t “responsible”  for this attack simply because they radicalized someone online any more than the right wing was held responsible for the hate websites like the Council Of Conservative Citizens that radicalized Dylaan Roof  over social media, or any more than the American Family Values Council and presidential candidates like Carly Fiorina were responsible for the radicalization of the Planned Parenthood shooter with their purposely misleading fabrications and deliberately false disinformation used to recruit GOP voters — in Christ name,of course. Crazy people respond to hate speech wherever it comes from,  just like they are turned out for no damn reason and show up killing people in movie theaters and slaughtering 27 lives in first grade classrooms. You can blame this on ISIS, but you can’t do so without blaming people like Carly Fiorina, the Heritage Foundation –which endorses and financially contributes to presidential candidates like Ted Cruz. You can’t blame Islam for this shooting or the one in Chattanooga; can’t blame rap music every time a black person dies at the hands of another black person in your “black on black crime” that the Christian conservatives are so tore up over, and not blme people like the American Family Values cult when the crazy right-wing couple went on a shooting spree in Vegas last year. You can’t blame an immigrant who came here because an American citizen agreed to marry her without acknowledging just that.  That she was here through the same process that allowed Donald Trump to keep two of his wives — an American citizen married her!

Just like the terror attacks in Paris where the majority of attackers were French national citizens and just like the murder of five military lives in Chattanooga where the “terrorist” was an American citizen, all the Right saw is the religion, without even acknowledging that these people attacked their OWN DAMN COUNTRIES. 

You may trace this San Bernardino attack back to radical Islamic ideologies, you may blame the Chattanooga killings on mental health issues or radical Islamic extremism, depending on your particular argument that day, yet both of those killings go back to the same thing —  an American citizen that attacked people on American soil. And it’s no different than what we see going on here all the time. Mentally disturbed or morally bankrupt individuals who kill other Americans with machinery that was designed for war, where they have the opportunity to slaughter as many as possible before responders can get there, that they bought with little or no waiting.

And people like little Miss No Education cheerleades it on for personal notoriety. While the body count gets higher and higher.

It’s so demented it’s nauseating how these good Christian conservative, far-Right fear mongers act like San Bernardino was the only mass shooting America has had since 9/11. I listened to this woman do everything from blame Benghazi to bring up the one “lie” that they can credit Obama with — where President Obama didn’t seem to realize the depth of the dishonesty of the health insurance companies and that they would rather  (forgive my crudeness, it seems to be the only way the internet”Christians”  have to communicate and the only thing that they respond to)  shove a  d-ck in the  proverbial ass of the American people than have to lose 50 cents. They, the RWNJ s, will be talking about ” if you like your ‘plan’ you can keep it” (which was, by the way,  the correct  misstatement, NRA, not ‘doctor’) for the next 50 years. Regardless of whether the subject matter is gun control or the alleged and non existent “voter fraud,” it will be what they use to call “You Lie!” at the current Commander-in-Chief  every time they bring up Reagan (because God knows they don’t want to mention the Iran-Contra Scandal– err, real presidential administration lies).

So, fine. Obama told a lie. The difference in Obama, the GOP and their “trusted servants” is  when Obama realized he told a lie, he quit telling it. He didn’t add to it, make it bigger, bolder and defend it right to the ground no matter who presented the contradictory evidence. As this chick used Obama’s “lies” as the reason that I don’t know God or don’t have a relationship with a higher power, I thought about how, as a Southern woman,  I’ve never use the straight C word in my life (although when Ann Coulter speaks, I think it a lot in my head), but man, it seems to fit.

As I repeated to myself that I will let no woman pull me so low as to have the mouth of Kathy Griffin, I thought about the arguments that I’ve had with the “Christian” mindset who use the Bible as the reason that my 90-year-old grandmother should carry a pistol in her purse every time she visits the Subway — and I mean the sandwich shop, not NYC.   I thought of one who’s a police officer —  a detective, actually — here in town who befriended me for the sole purpose of “putting me in my place” and then deleted me as soon as I responded twice. 

He wrote this to me:  Luke 11:21 — When a strong man fully armed guards his own house, his possessions are safe.

To which I responded, “arming” oneself in Biblical times meant a slingshot and a rock, numbnuts, not an AR-15 and multi round magazines. And if everybody in Dickson County wanted to “arm” themselves with the weapon that took down Goliath, they wouldn’t get any objections from me.  Just like if everyone bore arms similar to the ones they had in 1776 when the Constitution was written, I wouldn’t necessarily object about people who wanted to pack pistols in church pews next to me while shouting “if the Lord is my God, whom shall I fear!”

But otherwise, they say,  just in case,  here’s a AR 15 to go alongside with the Holy Scriptures.

This cop deleted me and blocked me. Surprise, surprise!

And my second problem with that verse — a strong man fully armed guards his own house — is that my first thought is,   armed with the what? The Word of God?  Armed with the Holy Scripture?

Either way, if you get out of that that God needs for you to have — no, no, God commanded you to have — more “defense”  than the style of the single weapon that Dylan Roof used to kill 9 individuals just to guard your possessions, my suggestion to you is — maybe you oughta go about it a different route, dawg. Like a Louisville Slugger or Rottweiler.  Cause you, as we say in the South, sure as shit must not be much of a shot.

But since the Bible is the reason aforementioned heinously vulgar word, Miss Locked and Loaded Lunatic, spent spent six full minutes just to tell me to burn hell,  when I can say it in a three word sentence, let’s take a look at that.

Working off of the verse, Psalms 44: 6-7.  “I put no trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory, but you give us victory over our enemies, you put our adversaries to shame.” 

That tells me one of two things.

1. Real power lies in the Lord, not a Saturday night special in my Louis Vuitton knock off.

2. God was on our side in 2008 and 2012 because he can bring more shame to the GOP than I ever could.

Also, Psalms 144: 1. “Praise the Lord who is my rock, he trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle.”

Sounds to me like the armed warriors for Christ put a wee bit too little faith in their loudly proclaimed Savior, Jesus Christ, and a little bit too much faith in Wayne LaPierre.

I don’t give a f*ck if you have a gun.  Every house I was in growing up had a shotgun. Although, much like Ronald Reagan, I believe that’s just about all you need for home or personal defense. No, I don’t give a gosh damn if you want to have your own personal arsenal, what I care about is the maniacs that have out-armed our police forces and can rack up triple-digit carnage in seven minutes. The government tracks the amount of cold medicine I buy, but you don’t want to close background check loopholes to buy killing machines, and there are states in this nation where I can be convicted for beating the hell out of my spouse and then purchase a handgun.  How the hell is that ever okay?

I don’t care about your guns.  What I care most about is that you use Christ as a reason to continue to allow these things to routinely happen while the families of those who have actually had to bury their children, their spouses, and their brothers and sisters due to gun violence are asking for us to do something to stop it. Now!

God isn’t fixing this. Prayers are not enough and “Jesus Take the Wheel” is a beautiful song, but if I try that on the road I’m going to end up in a freakin ditch. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you doesn’t mean that it’s  going to magically “Open Sesame!” when I step in front of it every damn time.  Sometimes it just means that the door has been left unlocked, but I’ve got to reach out and turn the knob. Faith without works is dead; God helps those that help themselves. And sometimes, action is required. God isn’t fixing this, and when I get down on my knees — me, that “Godless, liberal Democrat”  that I am — and pray, my god responds to me (and the majority of Americans who support sensible gun legislation) with:  “I’m telling you how to help fix this,  but the NRA and the legislators who proclaim my name the loudest, won’t let me in.” 

If the deaths of 20 first graders was not enough, I don’t know what will be.

I know that we put limits on that constitutionally-given right to vote, but we don’t want to put any on the right to own a firearm. When we propose new stop signs, you don’t hear the rednecks hollering,  “Obama’s coming fer yer cars!” When an Iraq war veteran goes off to fight for us, and then we allow them to come back and be killed here at home by maniacs with a gun or a failing VA and mental health care system — which took a Republican Senator retiring before we could even pass the “Clay Hunt Veterans Suicide Prevention Bill” — and  we block veteran’s access to healthcare, like fertility treatment, for soldiers whose testicles were injured in battle so that they might bring a child into this world, simply because we believe that Jesus might get mad that that government assistance was provided through Planned Parenthood where less than 2% of what they do is abortions and no government funds are ever allotted to cover the cost of abortion services, we have problems. We block access to contraceptives and the morning after pill, though it takes two weeks for fertilization to even occur, and overlooking the fact that the majority of “abortions” — meaning spontaneous abortion — are performed by nature, because the one that created us all had a way of picking out which fetus has  the best chance of becoming an actual child before they become an actual child, but then we disrespect that process when we think it can get us elected to some congressional seat. We refuse to do anything — I mean,  absolutely anything — like refuse to confirm an undersecretary for the war on ISIS, which isn’t even a war on ISIS because we won’t cast a Congressional vote for that,  despite the president’s pleading.

I’ve said it many times, if you think that Jesus commanded you to own a weapon; that Jesus himself was some red state voting, pistol-packin, Ronald Reagan quoting (spoiler alert: Ronald Reagan lobbied for gun legislation),  blue-eyed, white man who command you to wave Confederate flags and shoot any dark-skinned person that shows up unannounced in your drive,  you’ve obviously never read a single word written in Red. And you sure as hell aren’t living it. If you believe that Jesus command you to save the 6,  8, 12 week clumps of cells — the same ones, when spontaneously aborted,  often contribute to the research that enables you to provide your children with the advanced medical treatment that you will likely take advantage of in the event that your children were ever diagnosed terminally ill, at which time “prayer” most assuredly won’t be the only action you take to save your child’s life — while denying it to those with Parkinson’s, and when you bitch about stem cell research, just to  ignore the hungry, needy, and abandoned children, not just here in America, but here on Earth,  then though we both claim to have studied the same source, clearly,  we’re reading a different book.


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