McCain’s Brain Finally Goes AWOL.

Is Grandpa McWar (John McCain) still upset over that 12 million vote ass-whippin Barack Obama put on him?

Senator McCain has always been well-respected and well-liked, but I think we’ve all been fearing for his sanity since he picked Campaign Barbie (Sarah Palin) for his running mate. And the decline in his mental health has been obvious and troublesome for quite some time, but what he said yesterday just slipped into batshit crazy.

Don’t do this to yourself, Mr. McCain.

The shooter wasn’t inspired by ISIS, he didn’t even know the difference between ISIS, Hezbollah, and al-nusra. He pledged allegiance to two different groups that fight each other, which meant he knew as much about terrorist organizations in the Middle East as Donald Trump.  And John McCain is aware, as are the majority of  educated American people, that ISIS was created from the void in leadership when we invaded Iraq. The Islamic State in Iraq (key word there) and Syria wasn’t formed when we pulled out,  ISIS was created  when we invaded Iraq and toppled Hussein.  If any American Commander in Chief bears responsibility for the formation of ISIS, it’s the Bush administration.

And McCain knows that.

Hell, even Jeb! tapped danced around that truth. George W. was so disastrous that Republican voters chose a reality television star over the son and brother of two of their beloved presidents.

Even more shocking than McCain’s mental breakdown, is that it still baffles me that those that voted to put Sarah Palin one 70- something-year-old’s heartbeat away from being commander-in-chief of the most powerful military force on the planet want to have a political discussion with me.  You people screwed up so bad, you just need to put your head down and keep moving. Seriously, you’ve got like 20-something years before you can even attempt to talk to the rest of us about anything political.

Sarah. Fucking. Palin.


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