P.O.T.U.S. Slow Jam


With dignity and grace and a never fading smile,
he led our nation through debacle and unprecedented, divisive trials.

With obstruction and attempts at treason lurking at every turn,
He outwitted, he outsmarted
and still, they never learned.

Every time he went to bat,
he knocked it out of the park.
They tried to beam him to take him out of the game,
but they couldn’t defeat out his heart.

He fought, he persevered,  he never even complained,
He just kept leading our country, kept on pressing forward along the way.

He trudged and he climbed, maneuvered and fought,
Dug and he clawed,
scrapped, mic-dropped and brawled.

The chillest commander ever — always his grace that saved.
Always the unsung hero,
without thanks, tirelessly, he saved every day.

Those who questioned every motive,
those who doubted every turn, those who never gave a chance, those that would set the house on fire just to watch it burn.

He never gave them the matches, instead stood like a tall drink of water,
Never retaliating with insults, keeping his eye on what matters.

We’re better for his leadership, stronger for his sane,
more loved around the world,
for his charismatic ways.

Though he will never hear it from those constitutionally incapable,
we all owe a debt of gratitude for the man at the head of the table.

Thank you, Mr President,
for your service to this great nation,
I’ll cry when it’s time for you to go — but, sir, you’ve earned that Hawaii vacation.

We will always be grateful, President Obama. We love you! Thank you!


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