When will it stop?
When will it end?
More American lives lost as we bury sons, daughters,  sisters, friends.

With politicians so indebted to the NRA,
with campaign donations they worry only about saving gun-loving face.

The hoax of the second amendment that we’ve all been told,
that we each have a right to an arsenal, as more and more mass shootings unfold.

One man kills 49 and wounds another 53,
yet we refuse to do anything about it because it might inconvenience the love of military toys for you and me.

What is your child worth?
Your daughter, your son?
Would you be willing to give them up for someone else’s  obsessive love  of unnecessary guns?

No one wants your right to bear arms, don’t want your right to self-defense.
What they want is to protect the slaughter of 100 citizens, when one psychotic member of society jumps the crazy fence.

We watched 20 first-graders murdered — just babies in a school,
and the only outrage some of us felt was when they mentioned taking our war tools.

When is it enough? How much blood must be shed?
Before we’re willing to protect our brothers and sisters from our crazy, insane selves.

Your right to own an arsenal does not trump my right to live,
we’ve got to do something, America — because we cannot continue as is.

Search your heart and search your soul, and ask yourself why —
you feel the need to own weapons of war why so many Americans die.


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