“Build That Wall, Build That Wall!”


(Nogales, Arizona)

Let’s keep things in perspective, Trump Twats. When attendees at Trump’s rallies shout,  “Build that wall, build that wall!”  What I hear in my head is:  “I flunked class, I flunked class!”

Like, it doesn’t matter which class, because, apparently — you flunked them all.

For example:  English, where you never learned how to read the international treaties that say that you can’t restrict water flow in between international boundaries (like the Rio Grande).

Or math,  where you can’t interpret correctly the calculations of Trump’s increasing estimation on the billions he proposes it would take to build the wall, and then compare that with actual concrete “wall builder” contractors’ figures who say that it’s not even in the ballpark.

Or economics,  where you would have learned that billions and billions of dollars spent to build a wall in unnecessary parts of the border (where we’ve already invested in border fence) isn’t even financially feasible or common freaking sense — because there are areas so remote that you would have to build roads just to truck that wall in!

Or, perhaps, you failed history, social studies, US  government — any class where you were required to take a gander at the Constitution of the United States to see what it does and does not say.

Sometimes words are just not as effective as visual and I’m tired of saying, and repeating,  the same damn thing. 

So let’s take another look at exactly where Mr. Trump wants to spend billions of taxpayer’s dollars to build a damn wall (because let’s agree on one thing:  Mexico is NOT going to pay for the damn wall, as Mexico’s first priority should be getting safe drinking water for their people).


(Natural Border Between Mexico and the United States, the Rio Grande)


(Border Crossing, Rio Grande)

Also,  they make these things called extension ladders and rope. (See rock climbing if you’re confused.)   It’s just not possible to build something high enough that somebody can’t scale it if they want to.  But it is, nauseatingly enough, possible to run a presidential campaign with proposals so preposterous that they could never possibly happen, while concurrently spewing verbal vomit that you call “ideas” that waste billions of taxpayers’ dollars that could actually be used for something constructive here in the United States.

Like GENUINELY taking care of those veterans that Mr. Trump pretends to help.


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