Hey, Facebook skanks from High School!

Be advised, Facebook:  I don’t have to do this, as I can block any comment from my blog that I want to, but I just approved (or at least I think I did, I’m still not sure how to do this thing with my antiquated phone) the comments submitted on my blog.  So if you’re one of my cyberstalkers — Carla Tummins Howell, Misty Mahan Dantico, Joey Hilliard — who has thrown abusive comments at me for years because of your lack of exercise routine or social life, or because you suffer from some sort of chemical imbalance, and/or are suffering from a genetically or psychologically fucked  makeup, I’m submitting any comments to approve so the whole world can see your white trash behavior for themselves. (Provided that I did this right.) Thanks!

Also, because the whole world has seen in recent days how psycho people that subject women to stalking –even cyber stalking — really are (Orlando shooter), I think it all needs to be documented. (Hmmm, Hilliard!)

Besides, I appear to have cured the problem with my last few post.  (Isn’t that right, Carla Howell and Joey Hilliard?)

Cry bullies are always, without exception, all dish and no take, huh?


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