Vanderbilt vs Stanford Rape Trial.

Sickened and disgusted by comments I read by like-minded bloggers that believe that Tennessee’s punishment in the Vanderbilt rape trial was excessive. Or that it had anything to do with a Corey Batey’s race. As Brandon Vandenburg received more time in the initial trial.

Yes, wealthy white boy received more of a punishment than Batey before it was invalidated in the mistrial.

Here’s the way it works in Tennessee — we value women, or at least we should. If you come to Tennessee and you rape an unconscious woman, violate her repeatedly, videotape the assault, shove water bottles in her private parts, and urinate on her when you’re done — you get 15 years in prison with no parole. Maybe somebody should have told Cali boy that before he came here.

Or advised his co-conspirators of that before they went along. What happened in the Stanford rape case with the swimmer sickens me, but let’s not make Vanderbilt’s about something that it’s not.

*Note: See comment section for update.


One thought on “Vanderbilt vs Stanford Rape Trial.

  1. Note: I misidentified one of the sources of my anger in this post: I called her just a blogger. In fact, she’s not — she’s a dentist and also known as Black Bachelorette? (No clue, I wouldn’t degrade myself by watching that misogynistic filth). No, she’s a dentist, which is obvious — she’s a dentist and not a damn lawyer because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She’s also a dentist who was fired from her practice for support of Michael Brown, so it seems that I agree with her on a lot. But she is completely and totally wrong in stating that Cory Batey received excessive time because he was black and Brock Turner didn’t because he’s white. Because as I previously stated in the above post, Brandon Vandenburg actually received more time than Batey.

    So when you look at Turner and you look at Vandenberg and you look at the similar circumstances and you see that one initially received more than 15 years in prison and one got nothing, the differences is in the states. What Dr. Harris should really be raging against is the lax rape laws in California.

    Digital penetration is not considered rape in California and it is in Tennessee. Brock Turner did not penetrate the victim with anything other than his fingers — he would have had he not been stopped — which in California is not considered rape. Although it would have been in Tennessee.

    This is another example of somebody that should stick to what they know. I’m not saying she can’t have an opinion, but if you’re a dentist be a dentist. And if you want to speak out on the laws in the state of Tennessee, maybe learn them — or ask your lawyer friends — before you do.

    It’s the same way I feel about Craig Morgan, Dickson County. I’ve had to listen to people that criticize Ashley Judd for “just being an actress” and wishing for her to shut up and act (too ridiculous to understand that Ashley Judd holds a masters from Harvard’s Kennedy School of government, so she’s more qualified to speak out than any of us). So I’m not one to believe that people can’t have opinions simply because of what they do, but I like people that know what they’re talking about before they add to the ongoing animosity — no matter their profession, no matter their color, no matter their experience.

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