Hey, Trump Lovers: About That “Anti-Political Correctness” Bullshit.

Enough with the tired ole “anti political correctness” rhetoric — it’s just a code word for anti-intellectual or intellectually lazy.   There’s just some things that are rude, hateful and that you don’t say.

For example, you  no longer call developmentally delayed individuals “retarded” unless you’re just a common asshole. I learned in Junior High that you put the person before the disability.

To illustrate:   You don’t say “that crippled kid,” you say the child who is  handicapped. This is not hard stuff. In fact, most children of the nineties learned it in grade school. Although Mr. Trump seems to be decades behind, seeing as how he’s just now figuring out that aerosol is bad for the environment.

As far as Donald Trump’s “truth telling” in the wake of mass tragedy, Mr. Trump knows less about terrorist organizations in the middle east than the so called “radicalized” shooter himself — if that’s even possible. Mateen struggled to define ISIS, Hezbollah, and al Nusra and pledged allegiance to two separate groups that fight each other. And we all know Mr Trump couldn’t locate their countries of origin on a freaking map.

What you mean when you say things like  “he’s not politically correct” is that Trump makes you feel better about your own geopolitical, counterterrorism, and constitutional ignorance.


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