Mateen Wasn’t ISIS: How To Explain That To Trump Enthusiasts

I’ve decided the best rebuttal for Donald Trump apologists is simply: “You don’t read much, do you?”

Sometimes, however,  it demands a little more explicit of explanation.

Here’s why Omar Mateen was not  “ISIS,” why it’s completely ridiculous to go around stating that,  and why Donald Trump is a big, talking twat.

For starters, Mateen had previously pledged allegiance to Al-Nusra.  Otherwise known as Al-Nusra Front. Al-Nusra is an Al-Qaeda affiliate based out of Syria. They are a Sunni group of militants who, and this is important,  hate Bashar al-Assad.

Which is what makes Omar Mateen’s previous claims that he was connected to Hezbollah (he wasn’t, FBI previously determined) so ridiculous.  Hezbollah is the Lebanon-based terrorist organization that is a Shi-a  branch of Muslim. They fight FOR — as in, support of — Bashar al-Assad.

Sunni and Shi-a are NOT friends.

Mateen also claimed to praise the Tsarnaev brothers and also claimed to be connected with them after the Boston bombing, which the FBI determined was also a fabrication. The Tsarnaev brothers claim to have been inspired by an online magazine that is distributed by  Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which works out of Yemen. And actually, in all honesty,  is the one the United States should take with precedent in seriousness as they have the most potential to do damage to us.

And they are not ISIS.

Yet in spite of all these previous claims,  on the day of the shooting, Mateen called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS. Which is, as you know, a Sunni group of extremists that works out of Syria and the Levant region.

As been reported by many publications, Mateen was not only incoherent in his knowledge of Muslim extremist organizations in the Middle East, he was just flat-out lying. And given that, without hesitation, Donald Trump still responds with his blissfully ignorant calls for a ban on Muslims and, oddly enough,  a new attack on Afghanistan — since that’s where the shooter’s parents were born. Ignoring that this was a US-born citizen that was no different than Mr. Trump. As  Trump’s mother came here from Scotland shortly before she gave birth to him.  As did two of his wives before they bore his children. Should we consider his youngest a citizen of Slovenia?

This stuff is as complex and in-depth as, oh… say, comic book, superhero allegiance.  I imagine I would look really ridiculous if I tried to talk to you about the Justice League and who fights who. Yet, a leading presidential candidate not only attempts to simplify this stuff, he attempts to convince you that he is right in doing so.

This is just getting ridiculous, America. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and neither do you.

It’s really time more people starting saying that.


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