Me and the White Boy Mansplain.


#HappyFathersDay Mom was trending on Twitter yesterday and there were men — you know,  white men — bitching about this. One in particular asked why Mom was trending on Father’s Day, and a girl replied because some single moms do it all. He scoffed and replied, “But you don’t see Happy Mother’s Day Dad trending on Twitter for single dads!”

I replied: “Right.  Because mass amounts of single dads who do it all is really a thing.”  I also told them that it was called womb envy and that he had a case.

Now, there are single dads who do it all — my stepfather was one of them. But single dads who do it all with no outside help are not the norm, and for a lot of children — single moms are. I’ve covered this in a lot of my posts (particularly the why Hillary was important to me post),  about how some white men can’t stand for it not to be about them for five minutes. That’s the reason people like Joey Hilliard and his like minded compadres cyber stalk me — because I point that out.

It’s why you have that white dude online when you get into sexual assault conversations that starts preaching about how “men can be victims of sexual assault too.”

Because he can’t stand for the conversation to be about somebody other than him for two damn minutes.

The same white man that got angry when they eulogized Stuart Scott as a proud black man. You know, the one that started shouting: “Why does it have to always be about race?” 

What that translates to is this:  If we praise Stuart Scott for being black, then that might mean that black is good.  And if black is good — even for a second — then that might mean that white is not.

And good God, angry white ignorant redneck man will not stand for “oppression.”  Of course and unless it’s him doing the oppressing.

These white man in America who have always had it their way online bitching because people on Twitter who don’t have a dad are praising their moms are an example of two things:  1) why the rest of the world is over your shit, white dude; and 2) that you are why Donald Trump’s candidacy is even a thing. Some men — and we all know it’s white men — are ridiculous in their insecurity the second they see that everything is not all about them.

Adding fuel to the fire, The Tennessean did a story about a single professional who hasn’t had the opportunity to purchase a home because she lives in Davidson County, and instantaneously — bam!  There were men online  explaining to “the little lady” in an extremely  patronizing and condescending way, exactly what she needed to do:  quit going to bars; quit drinking $7 cups of coffee; move to Rutherford County. One even demanded that she could use her tax return for closing costs like he doesn’t understand that for single people without children — umm… dude, tax returns aren’t really a thing.

And yeah, I’ve lived in Rutherford County and I worked in downtown Nashville. That commute sucks.

It’s just another example of some man talking down to a woman because she wasn’t living the kind of life he dictated. Like who the hell are they to tell this woman where she should live, the kind of house she should buy, where she should buy it, and what (at least according to them) she’s doing wrong. Particularly when The Tennessean saw fit to write a piece about how she struggles to own a home in Davidson County because of rising costs. The underlying sentiment behind that was:  “Quit being on your own, move out to the suburbs, have some babies,  and let your man pay for it,  woman, or, at the very minimum, at least ask one what you’re doing wrong!”



Without fail, white men online are always good for giggle inducing.


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