On Gun Control and that Ever Present Jackass Online

Did some guy just really tell me that any call for gun control is paranoid hysteria and stomping on civil rights?

He’s right.

We are stopping on civil rights.

The right to go to school without fear of you and twenty of your classmates being slaughtered in the two minutes it takes for the police to get there.

The framers never promised anyone the right to easy access to a concealed firearm in your pocket that will fire off 45 rounds per minute. That’s the hoax of the second amendment that these gun lovers have been sold and they lapped it up just like Cleveland did Manziel jerseys before they realized exactly what they had collectively bought.

Replace your penis with something else and let’s stop giving American-bred monsters –and don’t be confused, they all are — on a psychotic break easy access to mass carnage and stop allowing them to out-arm the brave men and women who respond to these things — you know, the ones who are trained. (Remember them?)

If you actually believe that the remedy to the Orlando nightclub shooting was more high-powered firearms being toted around in the dark where alcohol is served — you’re probably a Trump voter.

One who lives in a falsified fabricated world of video games, Breitbart,  and way too much Wayne LaPierre.

Columbine had an armed guard. Virginia Tech had its own flipping Police Department. Fort Hood was a military base. One of the Chattanooga service members targeted had his own weapon and fired off a few rounds, yet it did no good up against the killing machine that the shooter was waiving.

Your world only exists in the fantasy land of your head and in big budget box office trailers. In real life, the “good guy” with a gun is still hiding under the table where he hits an innocent bystander (if he even remembers his weapon) more often than not.

I’m all for everyone having the right to bear arms. So long as the arms they bear resemble those of 1787 when the Constitution was written, dick.

The only sane answer right now is to limit the number of victims until we realize why we’re breeding so many psychopathic monsters who go on killing sprees where they target their own fellow US citizens.

People are literally dying every damn day and Americans are saying… “Wah, wah… but I’m self-absorbed, self-centered, self-obsessed, self-righteous obese civilian ratdick who wants my toys!”

You know, the ones that were manufactured to be killing machines on a battlefield.

Grow up, American Right.

Grow the hell up.

The government of the United States has a duty, responsibility, and an obligation to protect its people.

It’s why we have seatbelts and smoking warning labels. It’s why we hold manufacturers responsible for faulty, defective, and dangerous products in every other facet of American life except for when it comes to weapons of war. It’s ludicrous. It’s shameful. And it’s not only not in line with the majority of the American people, it’s not in line with the majority of American gun owners.

And make no mistake, Congress, you will pay for this in November.


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