#TrumpSoPoor was trending on Twitter last night.  (I looooove people, by the way!)   And since “you so poor” is simply a variation of “Yo mama!” and no white girl can yo mama better than me, I had a few of my own.

Like, #TrumpSoPoor that when Melania leaves him,  he’ll have to give her the same kind of “cash” he gave charities.

#TrumpSoPoor when he preached about giving up Oreos, he meant for the Oleos. #StoreBrandSucks.

#TrumpSoPoor he can’t even afford GOP Kool-Aid. He’s just sipping straight GOP grape drank.

#TrumpSoPoor his campaign is walking around with EBT cards in their thrift store penny loafers.

#TrumpSoPoor his campaign’s about to exist solely on canned tuna fish like Anne Romney. 

Somehow it only feels right to end this with #ObamaOut


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