More From the Memaw Files.

There are so many people that have gained national followings and then eventually scored book deals by Mommy blogging.
Now there’s even daddy blogs.

People have been telling me for awhile — as in, years — that I should blog, but I never felt like I had any new or interesting or  humorous take on poopie diapers and stuff. I just didn’t feel any authentic originality that I could add there. But over the years, one thing that people always seem to find humorous and love and want more of is my Memaw stories.
So I think I’m going to start a nanny blog, or granny blog — where I write the crazy, daily insanities of dealing with elderly people.

Like today, I get to my Memaw’s and she tells me that her freezer has gone out. Sure enough, everything in there was melted.  But her ice maker also backs up and makes it impossible to close the door. So when I saw all of the ice in the sink, I kept asking her “Was the ice maker overloaded and the door just not closed?”

But neither her or my aunt knew, all they knew or said was just that Memaw found the freezer wasn’t working.

Well, Memaw was so worked up I had to give her a nerve pill and she just kept saying, “This is why I need Cheryl (my Mom) home!”

I said:  “Memaw, out of all of your offspring, there has to be one of us bright enough to figure out what to do if your freezer is broke.”

So I took all the food from the freezer that was melted (which wasn’t that much) and threw it away, and then took the food from the refrigerator and just put it in my mom’s refrigerator next door. Then I called my cousin to come look.  I kept telling Memaw that I think I hear it running, but I’m not sure (I’m hearing impaired).

I asked her repeatedly, “Are you sure that y’all got the door closed? The food in the frigerator still kind of feels cold, are you sure the door to the freezer hasn’t been open all day?”

She was sure it was broken.

My cousin (the favorite) checked it out and apparently it seems to be working. I’m thinking, maybe, I just cleaned out a “broken” fridgerator that just had a door left open all day.

The other day when I posted a Memaw story, I instantly got a tweet from somebody telling me how humorous they found it. I’m sure there’s some sensitive soul online — relation or not — that’s going to say, “You shouldn’t write about this stuff!” 

But I’m not into pretending to have a perfect life, and I find that the only gift I have is making other people feel better about their crazy when I share mine. Therapy has taught me that writing is freeing and that’s what writers are meant to do — share their insane; their heartbreak; their depression; their humor with the world. I think I have a gift for Memaw blogging.

And as I was sitting here writing this, I just heard the ice maker drop ice. So I’m almost certain that I sit here with a 90 year old woman freaking out about a not working freezer all night — that just didn’t have the door closed all day.


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