Why Do Dumbass Men Insist On Talking To Me About Sports?

This just in:  I’m not interested!


All I wanted to do was go get an iced coffee refill from Dunkin Donuts, and I encounter some dude telling me that Yadier Molina was a pussy.

I’m like, okay… since you obviously have a soft spot for slang for female anatomy, check this out, you twat:  The best defensive catcher in the game comes bridled with 8 Golden Gloves; if that’s the definition of a pussy, I’d like to staff my entire roster with walking vaginas.

How about you don’t attempt to talk to me about sports until that thing between your legs that’s supposed to be a ballsack suddenly resembles a vajayjay — and then you might actually make some sense.

Men are ignorant dicks.


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