Black Lives Matter, White People!


I am sick and tired of seeing black men killed in America by cops for no damn reason other than the color of their skin and an officer who is licensed to get away with it.

Sick of it, America!

And I’m angry, frustrated, and mad as hell that: a) this keeps happening; and b) white people keep making excuses for it.

If you’re that scared of black people, don’t become a fucking cop!

Hell, I saw a shirtless redneck with a Glock on his hip going into McDonald’s Sunday morning and nobody even batted an eye. Even if a black man had a weapon during a traffic stop, the one in Minnesota was licensed to carry and doing nothing wrong. What these “All Lives Matter!” pro-2nd Amendment screamers mean is that they’re pro-2nd Amendment for white people.

Because when black men exercise that right, they keep finding “reasons” they needed to die.

This is disgustingly nauseating, white people.


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