Cyberstalkers Are Such Sissy Ass Little Girls.

Had fun talking to a friend tonight  until my battery died, making fun of my cyberstalkers, and getting an update on the gossip about them (and others)  since I don’t read news feed.

I just, again, had to point out how big of a crybully these skanks were and how easy it was to virtually kill them off.  The Woodard couple, that Hilliard guy, the Dantico girl — all that cyberstalked me for so long, copy and pasting my posts, reporting me to Facebook, taking screenshots of my Twitter and Facebook statuses and putting them on group pages… man, the minute they figured out that I had found a way to call out what they were doing and address them by name in a way that their reporting me to Facebook would not get the posts removed, good God they went away quick.

What a bunch of pussies.


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