If You Blame The Dallas Shooting On This Man, You Might Be a Backwards, Bigoted Fucktrumpet.


I am sick of seeing people blaming the racial division in this country or the Dallas shooting on President Barack Obama. I’m tired of reading the words of people that say, “President Obama has divided us more!”



Yes, he divided us more.

I mean, how dare the black man get elected and all these closeted racists suddenly come out of the woodwork?

How dare he!

How dare he expose bigoted friends to formerly popular girls like me who have now turned into a target for cyber bullies simply because I’ve spoken out upon realizing that racism still exists? How dare he shed light on the soul of every third person I’ve ever known — when that light reveled dark corners in supposed “Christian” souls?

It may no longer be politically correct or socially acceptable to call someone a “n****r” or tell racially tinged jokes, but do you honestly think that sentiment went away? Of course not, but  now you have an outlet! You can just get into “politics” and you’ll have a ‘reason’ to hate the president — even if you, very painfully and obviously, don’t know what you’re talking about!  Most of you Obama-irrationals are not  a Republican, you’re a racist!

You’re mixing up “R words” just like you mix up the definition of big words you can’t understand — like socialism and communism.

And you see it with all these young kids riding around with Confederate flags on their truck who don’t even know when the Civil War ended;  can’t even tell you 5 constitutional amendments; or name two justices on the Supreme Court, but they somehow know that “Barack Obama is the worst president ever!”

Give me a break.

What’s more likely in a nation whose history includes slavery and segregation — that suddenly people who are resentful over seeing a black man elected to the nation’s highest office came out swinging for the whites-only fences, or that a black man getting elected suddenly called out to all African Americans in America to instantaneously hate white people?

If you truly believe that the shooting of five Dallas officers was the fault of the man in the Oval Office, you might be a racist redneck.

And an intellectually dented dickwad who couldn’t politically spar with me if I suddenly started ingesting meth and went at our impromptu “quiz bowl” on a dope day.


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