Black Lives, Blue Lives — I’m Not Done Yelling About Them All


I’m sorry, but I’ve got to rage again. I just saw a cop, a Middle Tennessee cop, a cop of color, on the six o’clock news spewing verbal vomit about “all lives matter, black lives matter, blue lives matter…”


No shit, Sherlock.

Congratulations on being part of the problem, sir.

This mentality that officers are such a “Brotherhood” that even the good officer doesn’t want to tattle on the bad officer, is part of why we’re at where we’re at.

It doesn’t surprise me that psychos get badges, or that a lunatic shoots an unarmed man for no reason. That doesn’t surprise me — there are psychos in all professions, and lunatics from all walks of life.

What continuously shocks me, and, most likely, the rest of the nation is the good cops that do nothing.  Just like the good cops in Chicago that were threatened into silence over the shooting of  Laquan McDonald. Of course there are bad guys with badges and guns, just like when I was growing up we were taught to protect ourselves from rape by posers wearing a uniform, or rapist with a legitimate badge, and nobody called us “cop haters” then for teaching the women in the nineties how not to get raped by people posing as officers or even actual officers. There’s no other profession that I can think of where this happens.  You don’t see doctors defending other doctors who killed patients unnecessarily. You don’t see teachers defending teachers who rape students. But you have officers, even officers of color, that are so unwilling to admit that — yes, bad guys can get badges!

There is no excuse for five officers being killed in Dallas.  There’s no excuse for a cop being killed in Bristol, Tennessee. But there’s no excuse for a black man getting pulled over, asked for ID,  reaching for his wallet and getting shot by a police officer who is so ingrained with societal bias that he can’t tell the difference between a billfold and a Glock in a black man’s hand!

There’s damn sure no sense in that happening all the time.

And there’s even less sense in our justice system continuously issuing a pass for these officers who act irrationally and unprofessionally.

And I have even less tolerance for officers of color that stand up and say, “Bue lives matter!”

Honestly, sir: When have they not?

When have they not?!

I’ve said it a million times and even my 90-year-old grandmother who is losing her mind absolutely agreed with me when I screamed it tonight, this:  If I walked up and killed an officer, I would spend the rest of my life in prison and I might get the needle. But if I shot an unarmed black man, I could take it to trial, and have a pretty good chance of convincing the jury that I was scared for my life — and they would be, likely, willing to believe it.

When it comes to gun violence…

The problem is psychos with easy access to killing machines.

It doesn’t matter if they’re white, black, or pink with purple polka dots. It doesn’t matter their religion. It doesn’t matter that the shooter in Dallas or the one in Bristol was an Army veteran. It matters that they were in the middle of a mental break and they had easy access to firearms.

And I’m sick of seeing these Republican politicians that claim that the shooter in Dallas, or similar circumstances, represents all members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Did the shooter in Planned Parenthood in Colorado — that was screaming GOP talking points — suddenly represent the Republican party as a whole? Or even Christians as a group? 

He was shouting about Jesus and saving the babies, hmm?

Did these GOP elected officials want Dylann Roof held up as a national spokesperson who represented the conservative blog sites he was quoting from when he killed nine African-Americans in church?

White, gun-toting Republicans don’t want to be held responsible for acts committed by psychos on their “side,”  why do they expect Muslims or black people to be accountable for all murderers who fit in one of those “categories.”

It’s nonsense.

The killer in Dallas and Tennessee was an Army veteran, so why is the only thing the in-your-face right-wing pundits see, or seem to be talking about, is the color of their skin?

Maybe we should have a national conversation about the mental health of our veterans. Because no sane person agrees with, or identifies with, what those killers did.

Regardless of race.

This isn’t a Muslim problem.  This isn’t a black problem. Or a white problem. It isn’t a Republican problem. Not a Democrat problem. It’s not an army veteran problem.  It’s a mentally ill people with easy access to weapons of war that do mass amounts of damage in a  few seconds problem.

That’s the freaking problem, America. And I’m sick of the denial! The blame! And the politicians looking to get a rise, who go out  pandering to the angry in order to get votes. We need to start electing people that actually give a damn and maybe, maybe, then — we’ll see a difference.


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