Jurassic Ark, Kentucky


Have you seen the Jurassic Ark in Kentucky that’s received, like, $18 million in tax incentives?

Kentucky, now, which has the poorest per capita county in the country in Harlan County, Kentucky, is spending tax dollars to try to convince us that there were dinosaurs on the ark.

Not making this up.


Now, I grew up more emerged in the Bible than almost anybody I grew up around.  My Uncle Chunky didn’t just preach God’s word, he lived it.  But I don’t ever remember him teaching me that there actually had to be a literal interpretation. I guess, if I’m honest, I always sort of assumed that there wasn’t.  It just wasn’t important. I didn’t have to really believe that the Penguins crossed from Antarctica all the way to the Middle East and didn’t die in the desert before they got to Noah and the Ark to actually believe in God. It wasn’t like I had to forfeit my brain to believe in a Supreme Being. Or as my brother says, the only time he ever actually saw a talking snake was in The Jungle Book.

But that’s changed. 

Suddenly some of these Christians are so insulting to intelligent people that it’s embarrassing.

Yes, I can believe in evolution and God. I know the Earth is not just 6,000 years old. How do I know this?  Science. Do I believe that the story of the Ark actually happened?  Come on, no intelligent person really would. But it doesn’t matter!

I believe the one that created us all inspired the stories in the Bible. I  absolutely believe in Christ.

But I believe that those who believe in Muhammad feel that strongly about him as well. I believe that the inner workings of the kind of God that created the whole entire world is so complex that our mind could never possibly understand it, and trying to dumb down science and mold it to fit stories you’re determined on “proving” existed — isn’t helping. I was never raised to believe that my faith is so weak, it can’t stand the existence of someone else’s. Or that it is so sensitive, I must warp everything we know to be true or else it means a God doesn’t exist.

That’s cowardly. Faith means I don’t have to see to know.

Dinosaurs on the Ark? Come on! And if you want to build a theme park, fine. Hell, I might even go. But tax dollars spent on a creationism attraction in such a suffering state like Kentucky? How the fudge is that what Jesus would do?

Jesus would save the health insurance under the Medicaid expansion, Matt Bevin!

*Note: This is worth posting again just to piss someone off. We’ve gone bat crap crazy, America. If you think that God cares more about recreating the Ark — for the entertainment of well-off individuals who can pay the $40 a ticket per person admission price just to get in — than he does helping underprivileged children go to the doctor, congratulations on being part of the shameful section of American society.

Up until Obama came along, I could almost pay a mortgage cheaper than I could buy health insurance — and it still wouldn’t cover everything that was wrong with me. (I know, I checked! My cheapest quote was $583 a month and that covered nothing.) Because I am known as what’s called a pre-existing condition. My cousin, who made more money than most of y’all who scream about “ObamaCare,” was one of those who couldn’t purchase it through her work either. So she suffered. Obama changed that. And now, the good “Christian” conservatives in states like Kentucky (which actually implemented Obamacare in its entirety) are trying to go back to change that which insured hundreds of thousands, while giving $18 million to build an ark.

What Jesus do these guys serve? One they met at a Mexican restaurant (I’ve met several there, and an Elvis too) because it’s not the one in the Bible.


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