Are they baaaack? My last few posts have multiplied. Did my posts about that drastically pathetic Woodard couple or Misty Dantico attract the psycho cyberstalkers again?

They’re back to sharing my posts!


Good God, Facebook creepers, you’ve GOT to get a life.

You people need counseling. Seriously. This whacked mixed bag of dreadfully unattractive individuals needs a script for anti-psychotics and some cardio. I can’t believe people like this are allowed to breed.

It’s sad.

I love sharing when it’s friendly. I loathe sharing when it’s the intended cyberbullies.


Erh my gawd!

The Orange Menace worshipping meth smokers were apparently back to cyberstalking my blog post last night, and since my blog will tell me every word entered in a Google search for my post, ha! I get to have a case of the caffeinated giggles making fun of the leftover effects of ingesting methamphetamine while I have my coffee this morning.

Apparently one of them wasn’t bright enough to encrypt their search terms. One of the Einsteins entered my name and ‘Bank of America PAC.’

Let’s be clear: Bank of America is a financial institution and a stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you’re looking for anything in relation to Trump, the words you want to search for are great, america… maybe, again.

Or, perhaps, ignorant ass, orange-faced c–t.

Since we knoooow they like THAT word.


These twats tickle me. I feel like Rachel Maddow. I’m okay with the hate mail, I would just like to have some bright hate mail occasionally. You know?


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