The Apostle Pence


Let’s talk about Mike Pence, people. As governor of Indiana, he signed a law banning the donation of fetal tissue. Yes, that’s right. That means if you suffer the tragedy of an early-term miscarriage, you can’t donate your fetus to  research to potentially cure Parkinson’s disease or ALS, you have to just pray if you suffer, or someone in your family suffers, with this  affliction and hope that Jesus loves you enough to heal you.  Because in the world of certain conservatives, you can’t believe that Jesus inspires researchers and scientists to actually develop the cure. No, of course not. Because why?

Because, the Apostle Pence. Don’t you remember that story?

Not only did Governor Pence sign a law banning the personal decision of donation of fetal tissue, included in that law was one that dictates that you have to have a fetus cremated or buried. That’s right, ladies, if you miscarry something smaller than the size of a pea, you can’t use your tragedy (or your own God-given decision-making skills) to maybe prevent somebody else’s, you have to bury it.

Because Mike Pence said so. And Jesus made him smarter than us, ladies — duh.

It’s almost like Trump wants to lose.


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