Why Worry About Saving Lives, Tennessee, When You Can Worry About Transgendered People?

Why does the state of Tennessee have a law that allows people being pulled by boat to wear life preservers that are not approved by the US Coast Guard?  Jerry Greer was  legally an adult, so I suppose if you’re an adult and you want to get in the water without a life preserver, that is your right.  Although  I can make the argument that we require you to wear your seatbelt, so we ought to be able to require you to wear a life jacket as well. But my argument is for teenagers. Particularly, stubborn teenagers. If Tennessee had a law that required Jerry Greer to wear a U.S.  Coast Guard approved life jacket, not just a vest, I have a feeling he would have been wearing one — and that kid might be alive today. How many people allow their teenagers to ski without Coast Guard approved flotation devices simply because Tennessee allows you to do the minimum without ticketing you?  Why else would you put anything on your child if you’re not going to put something on them that might actually save his/her life — you’re doing it to not get a ticket. If we change it to actual Coast Guard approved life preservers, would that not help?  15 people died in that River in 2015.  Think about it, if people are wearing vest that don’t save their life simply to avoid ticketing, doesn’t common sense dictate that if we made them  wear the actual life preserver, we might save some lives? Even scarier, how many people are wearing the wrong vest and believing they’re wearing the right one?

In November I wrote the following. Yet, we still have a Tennessee Legislature that waste time unnecessarily instead of actually attempting to make a damn difference.


Every time something bad happens, some smart ass takes to FB saying, “Where are the Democrats to start banning stuff.”

That could be for a couple reasons — namely that Democrats GET STUFF DONE — but it’s funny, because this Democrat is here wondering when our state legislatures are going to get off their hot-air-filled, overblown backsides, quit being worthless, and regulate HS football. Since July, 11 HS football players have died. Now, in Tennessee, for example, our state is currently spending their time worrying about which bathrooms transgendered students use. So much so that they’re working on legislation. Now, these “good” law makers are worried that some teen may be exposed to more sex organ than they are currently exposed to in the shows you let them Netflix when some transgendered student uses a stalled bathroom at a local high school. Honestly, there isn’t one handicap accessible bathroom in the whole damn place that we can make unisex and call it a day? We need legislation? Yet, while we squabble over which bathroom these simply seeking to empty their bladder and now persecuted students use, nation wide, eleven HS students have died playing football.

Per a Time Magazine article I read quoting a Vanderbilt Neurosurgeon, there is no state law — in any state — requiring an ambulance at high school football. Why? More importantly, we need defibrillators at every ball park. And we need to make sure the helmets these boys are wearing are worthy of our kids. In our state, just this week, a HS kid is being moved to a nursing home facility following a head wound. A teenage boy in a long term nursing facility following head trauma at a high school football game. Kids dropping from unknown heart defects is not unheard of — it happened in my own family — yet requiring the inexpensive equipment that can save their lives at every ball park is not a law — while we’re worrying, unnecessarily, about problems with transgendered students that don’t exist. Praise God for medical doctors and CPR trained bystanders who save lives when our legislature won’t.

You’re worthless, Tennessee GOP.


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