May the G.O.A.T. Guide Me: Black Lives Matter!


A time for everything. Everything in its place. A season under Heaven. All with undue grace.

A peace we can’t imagine. A love that knows no bounds. A spirit that’s unbreakable. All raining down.

With peace comes responsibility. With gifts, obligation. With platforms, trust and duty — and advocacy without reservation.

From the Greatest Of All Time, Ali & Co.
To the Black Lives Matter activist that refuse to cower or bow.

Justice is not a luxury. Peace isn’t free. I cannot become complacent until dark skin matters as much as me.

I can’t just appreciate black men when their jerseys are on my wall. I can’t just value their lives when they’re running a damn ball.

How can you shout “All lives matter!” and denounce this very truth:  Our system suggests that they don’t, that’s why they are saying it to you.

When black kids win championships, dominate for the SEC — why do I consequently turn a head when they are killed, unarmed, on my screen?

The content of our character. Hope, love, peace. The greatest commandment of the Lord was to love all of thee.

Black men need our help;  they need our outrage;  they need our work. Don’t you dare shut your mouths now, then wear their #s on your shirt.

Candice C. Mathis


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