Hey Republicans, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it — Is it still Obama’s fault?

I’d like to thank all the people constantly blaming Obama for police killings because you’re really giving me butt muscles with all the miles I do up and down my grandmother’s hill off your stupidity.

Right — it must be Obama’s fault. It couldn’t be the fact that the shooter in Baton Rouge was a marine (much like the one in Tennessee and the one in Dallas) and that we keep making military veterans and not taking care of their mental health when they get back. It couldn’t be that we keep allowing police officers to kill people and acquitting  them, where mentally ill individuals decide to take matters in their own hands. Which only causes more innocent people to suffer.  It couldn’t be the racial division and animosity in this country that we don’t want to address. It couldn’t be the easy access to firearms and the overrun mental health care system and drug rehabilitation centers. It must be the fault of the black man!

Because that makes sense!

Go to hell, Republican talking heads. Go to hell. I bet you blame the president for your gas every time you break wind because we all knooow white “Christians” don’t toot, right?

Give me a break!


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