“My Husband Make Great President For America!” Plagiarism


(Because who doesn’t want a First Lady with “Come F— Me!” face?)

Melania Trump is cracking me up. In fact, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t sleep all night — because I was going back and forth between being angry and then finding it funny again.

Melania Trump very obviously plagiarizes Michelle Obama’s convention speech —  although she told Matt Lauer on the plane prior to the convention that she “wrote” it.

Here’s what I find so damn funny about that:  If you wanted to plagiarize a speech, wouldn’t you at least attempt to plagiarize one from someone that you pretend to have respect for? Donald Trump has spent the last eight years calling Barack Obama an idiot, calling Barack Obama stupid, saying Barack Obama has no class, that he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t have a clue, he’s weak, he’s ineffective, and in the midst of the largest moment in his “political” career — his wife rips off President Obama’s wife?!

And then his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, blames Hillary Clinton for the plagiarism?

It’s almost as if this isn’t even real life. How can people be this ridiculous?

Although I appreciate the jokes that Melania Trump’s speech writer must have went to Trump U, but we know Melania Trump’s “speech writer” went to Harvard (twice). Because Michelle Obama actually wrote her convention speech. Both of them. And she used her two degrees from Harvard to do so.

The internet never forgets, Trump.  If you’re going to plagiarize somebody, you can’t just go back to 2008, dude! Do you not think people like me remember?

No, of course not. Because Trump is that stupid, he assumes that you are too. He assumes that you — Republican voter — don’t know what the internet, research, or previous conventions are.

And he damn sure doesn’t think you’re smart enough to know how to use them against him.


Sweet Jesus, I’m surprised Melania Trump didn’t say, “I’m a proud African American woman.”



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