Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview is The New Palin/Couric.

Merriam-Webster’s defines ‘invent’ as to create or produce for the first time.

Donald Trump tells Lesley Stahl of 60 minutes yesterday that “Hillary Clinton invented ISIS with her stupid policies.”

If that doesn’t sound like the words of a Commander in Chief of the most powerful Armed Forces on the planet, I mean — what does, right?

** eye roll **

When Trump says Hillary invented ISIS, you think he means she went around the desert gathering them up, making them, creating them, and then finding them safe havens in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Syria, or you think he’s just a half-illiterate, proudly ignorant, quesadilla-faced dumbass?

I’m going with dumbass.

But even a dumbass should be aware of the fact that extremist ideology didn’t originate with any administration or insurgence — although it can aggravate a situation (Google:  Bush + Iraq).

Neither is radical religious uprising an invention. (Google mujahideen, Trump)

Hint: We, the United States, covertly armed them to fight the Soviets in the Cold War.

It was impossible to watch Trump’s 60 Minutes interview and not feel like you’re watching a political conversation with a kindergartner. “I don’t care!” was his response to criticism that he’s sitting there blaming Hillary Clinton for the same thing his running mate did.

What’s next:  “I know you are… but what am I?”

A seasoned political response would have been to say that while then-Senator Pence made a mistake on the Iraq War vote, he has since proven himself. And then, subsequently list accomplishments that Mike Pence has made as a Congressman or governor. Spoiler alert: There aren’t really any.

Now, I don’t believe any of that BS I just spewed about Pence, but it would be a lot better than a toddler-type temper tantrum of “I don’t care!”

I expect a “Nah nah na boo boo!” out of Trump sometime between now and November.

He also proudly and obliviously announces that “stupid people gave us disastrous trade policies” while sitting next to one of the “stupid people” that voted for those trade policies when he was a Congressman — his own running mate, Mike Pence.

You couldn’t make this shitstorm up if you tried.

Trump’s interview below:

This Republican National Convention has turned into a Titans season — which means, a complete and total dumpster fire.

Make that a Trumpster fire, I suppose.


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