Twitter Trolls, You Don’t Scare Me. I Had Twin Toddlers Once.


I just got a tweet from somebody that read: “You’re an evil, lying monster!”

I’m all,  honey, I used to have two-year old twins 10 hours a day.

“Hey, Can Can — I don’t love Eric Berry anymore!” is way more heartbreaking than anything you can say to me.

Move along, Trump Twitter.

Furthermore, what’s up with the bullying? I just witnessed a grown man, complete with Texas-sized cowboy hat,  screaming at an old lady at the Republican National Convention because she refused to get mad at Ted Cruz for his refusal to endorse Donald Trump. The angry, overgrown Texas gentleman screamed at her that he (Cruz) needs to “get on board with it” and that “everybody better back Trump”  and that’s why you, the lady, “need to suck it up and go along.”

More pointedly, he didn’t suggest, he demanded that everyone, including this elderly woman, do the same. I wanted to jump through the phone screen and scream: “Don’t tell her what to do, you bully of a baboon’s butt!” 

She doesn’t have to back Trump if she doesn’t want to. 

This is the of United States of America and — since,  like, what 1965? — loudmouth,  white redneck men haven’t been able to tell the rest of us what to do with our vote since LBJ!

You’re free to vote for Donald Trump if you’d like. Just like I’m free to spend everyday telling you what a dick you are for doing so,  and that you don’t get to be my friend anymore if you support a man that mocks disabled individuals.

Enough with the bullying. If you want to have a big girl conversation complete with my Nick Vacco words — let’s go.  But you’re going to buy me a cup of coffee for the privilege.  Cyberbullying is the exact reason I don’t engage in Facebook conversation anymore. It’s cowardly. Most of you keyboard commandos, sitting there with your Keebler courage, say things to my online persona that you wouldn’t dare say to my face. And then you blast me behind my back where I can’t read it, but then you want to try to inbox me to make nice.

In the words of #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes:   “Homie don’t play that.”

Twitter trolls, internet  Trump bullies, and mean tweets — you don’t scare me.  I’ve had toddlers off and on for 15 years.


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