Wow, The Trumps Have Even More in Common With My Sperm Donor Than I Thought!

Is Eric Trump really trying to pretend that his foundation has ever done a damn thing charitable? Is he really taking a shot at Clinton Global Initiative? Tell me, how many pediatric AIDS patients have you provided drugs on the continent of Africa?
How many vaccines have you delivered to underdeveloped nations, Eric Trump? Oh that’s right, you don’t go there to deliver vaccines — you just go there to kill and maul animals and then hang their heads on your wall.

Tell me, with your family’s insane wealth, how many children’s wings of non-profit cancer centers or hospitals are named after your family? How many schools have you built? How many inexpensive generators have you provided to villages in Africa so women can simply  give birth with light, thereby saving the most precious and innocent of lives?

I can say there’s one thing, besides malignant narcissism, Donald Trump has in common with my father — it’s that the only thing he’s ever done right with his life is make an outstanding daughter.

Go, Invanka.


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