Bernie Bros: I’m Tired of the White Man Whine

My head is going to explode and this time it’s not Donald Trump!

Democrat or not, I can’t take the whining from the Bernie Bros. You stress me out as much as Trump.

Let me break this down for you:  Virginia has a Democratic governor. What that means is, if Hillary wins and we lose a senator from Virginia — a Democratic governor will pick the replacement.

Which means a DEMOCRAT!

That is not true for people like Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, or Sharrod Brown. Which means we would lose their senate seats. Picking a senator from Virginia — someone who is a political sure thing in terms of conscience and ability to do the damn job —  ensures that we hold on to his Senate spot. And that means that we only need FOUR seats for the Democrats to take back the Senate and secure the Supreme Court. Which is particularly important, not only given the vacancy left by Scalia, but the impending retirement of Justice Thomas And Justice Ginsburg.

This is not just about you, Bernie Bros. Stop whining.  You bitch like Tom Brady and bellyache like little sucker-deprived preschool girls.  Try being a team player.

I’m over the indulgent online crying of societally and socially privileged white boys — Democrat or Republican.


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