Clinton/Kaine = Call Me, Cory Booker!


(He’s cute — isn’t he, girls?)

Oh, political people –let’s talk. I understand the many reasons Hillary chose Tim Kaine. It’s politics 101 — in this election she needed to try to play to the Republican moderates that can’t stomach the thought of Donald Trump. Tim Kaine was also Barack Obama’s number two, after Joe Biden. Tim Kaine speaks fluent Spanish, which is a beautiful addition in this election, and comes with an outstanding record as a mayor, governor, and Senator — from a swing state, no less. So he’s more than qualified to do the job on day one — let’s be honest, that’s important when your candidate is almost 70.

But, it’s disappointing to the further left-leaning sect that wanted Sherrod Brown or Queen Liz (although, come on, conventional wisdom told you that she was never going to pick another woman — we should be, but we’re just not there yet) or even those of us that had our sights set on a Castro.

Hillary knew that the brown vote, black vote, young vote,  Latino vote is going to come to her regardless. So she needed a safe (white) man to, hopefully,  cross party lines. I get it — again, politics 101 — Kaine is an excellent choice. Still, I was reeeeally, really hoping that her VP would be my future BF, Cory Booker.

The upside: This means that when he runs in 2020 or later, he’ll still be in need of a First Lady. Call me,

All the single ladies?

Who wouldn’t want a Rhodes Scholar who played football at Stanford with a mouth full of SASS and sparkling blue eyes? I mean, he already follows me on Twitter. (Me and 89,000 others — ha!)

Future First Lady is even better than wife of Kenny Chesney. And you don’t have to worry about me plagiarizing my speech — because, trust me, I’ve got plenty to say!

Clinton/Kaine 2016 = Call Me, Cory Booker.

We can adopt a few kids  and do this White House thing in 2024.

Football season is coming up, I wouldn’t want Clay Matthews to snatch me away…

** sigh **

Politics are so exciting.

Great read on Kaine:

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