Dear Shaun King and Sanders Supporters.

As soon as my Bernie post begin making its way around Twitter,  just like with my “Bernie Bot” post,  they started coming for me. Some of them are ugly, but some are polite. They said things like the tweet I just received that read, “I enjoyed your writing, but I have to disagree.”

Or: “I’m a lifelong Democrat, but the Democrats are no longer interested in the Democratic process.”

How’s that again, dawg?

We went to the ballot box and your boy lost — by over three million votes.

Full freaking stop.

Inside the states that he won, were caucus-holding states. Remember when they showed things like the senior citizen caucus-goer on the national news — a retired construction worker — who was jokingly wearing a hard hat because he said he thought he would need it to protect himself from the young Sanders supporters.

Because in a caucus, you enter into the location, and at a specific time, they lock the door. At which time,  you publicly announce who you’re voting for and then there’s a chance for other people to persuade you to change your mind.

How the hell is that Democratic?

Or respecting the Democratic process?

The states where you went into the booth and you cast your ballot, Hillary kicked his can’t-let-go backside.  And in the South, she gave him a shellacking. Or to put it in Donald Trump terms, he got schlonged!

The Democratic process happened and it didn’t work out for you, so now you’re acting as irrational and as ridiculously out of touch as Fox News watchers, and just making shit up? Really??

We’re supposed to be Democrats,  so let’s resort back to facts — because that’s what we do.

Do you know why Bernie took a shellacking? Black people. So,  if you don’t respect the outcome of the democratic process, find a black person that voted in the Democratic primaries and ask them to tell you why they voted for Hillary Clinton.

We’ll wait.

But Bernie Sanders supporters — yes,  Shaun King  — you cannot claim to stand for equality and the equal rights of minorities and then dismiss the opinion of such group when you don’t like it. African Americans spoke in this election, Latinos spoke in this election, women spoke in this election. And they all spoke for Hillary with their votes. It’s both ridiculous and insulting to insinuate that didn’t happen just because you don’t like it.

What you’re saying to voters of color — African American voters,  in particular — when you pretend to be a champion for the rights of minorities but then dismiss the primary results and exit poll data is: “Silly black people,  I mean, you count — but you’re wrong here, and you don’t count as much as my vote!”

And the unspoken part in that is — because I’m white and I’m right.

Because like it or not, Shaun King and Co., African American votes WERE  were the deciding factor in this primary election (not corruption) and they decided for Hillary.

It’s also telling that in the same states that Hillary beat Barack Obama with the white male Democratic primary vote in 2008, that same demographic went for Bernie Sanders in this election. I guess bitch really is the new black, huh?

Don’t be silly,  Sanders supporters, you’re embarrassing yourself with this nonsense. And you look as juvenile as Tom Brady on Thursday Night Football when he went psycho on his wideouts simply because Cam Newton was handing him an ass whipping.

Don’t be that white guy.


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