Hey, Bernie: Do You Know Why the DNC Called You An Ass? You’re Being One.


Did anyone watch Bernie Sanders with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press this morning. He didn’t just suggest, he outright said that the American people need a Democratic party that stands for the working people. See, Bernie, this is exactly why Debbie Wasserman Schultz called you an ass and why you haven’t received an apology from the Democratic party — because they’re not sorry. What the hell do you think the New Deal was? What do you think the Family Medical Leave Act was? What do you think that equal pay for equal work is? What do you think Obamacare is? What do you think that Social Security is; that Medicare is? That overtime pay and paid vacation is? Bernie’s insinuation that the Democratic Party hasn’t represented the working people — when I’m sorry,  who is it that’s always been on the side of unions — is not only NOT based on reality,  it’s insulting. Bernie decided that the only way he could take out the original sweetheart of the  Democratic Party is to pretend that he’s the only one that actually represents hard-working people in American politics. It’s not that different than Donald Trump’s suggestion that he’s the only one that can bring about change.

I wrote about this before when I warned that any time somebody suggests that they are the only one that stands for truth; they are the only way to make a difference; they are only way to change things, that that’s less  of a “movement” and more of a cult.

Bernie Sanders has continually attacked the Democratic Party, a party that he’s not even a member of, and then he wants to whine that the Democratic Party stands behind a lifelong Democrat and suggest that that’s the only reason he lost the primary. He lost the primary because in the process of doing so (losing), he pissed off a lot of people like me who cast our vote for Hillary Clinton. About three million of us,  to be exact. I’m more concerned about the potential danger that Donald Trump not only poses to the country, but the entire world,  than I am about what somebody inside the DNC wrote in some “damn emails” — to borrow a Bernie phrase.

Now this might be a surprise to Bernie Sanders supporters — some of them seem to be new to politics and to how it actually works (including The Young Turks, who I formerly enjoyed), but it’s called OPPO. It happens.

And given the fact that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, has never been a Democrat, and, in fact, was attacking and belittling and degrading the Democratic Party, the fact that oppo existed — even inside the Primary — is not a shock.

If you don’t know what Oppo is,  it’s oppositional research to use against your opponent.
And it’s happened since Alexander Hamilton went to town on John Adams. 

You know, “Sit down, John, you fat mother f-cker!” 

(If you don’t know, Google ‘Hamilton’ and Lin-Manuel Miranda. And then scold yourself for missing out on the best thing of this century. What is wrong with you??)

The private political conversations of the inner-most members of the Democratic Party are not anything that I care about when Bernie Sanders is simply whining over his blatant inability to take a loss.

To a girl.

He’s not only still whining, he’s damaging the Democratic Party in the process of doing so.  And seems to have mad issues coming out and saying, “I got beat by a girl!” He’s also undermining the Democratic party and aiding a Donald Trump potential presidency while he’s claiming to endorse Clinton, which makes little sense. And he’s alleging that the game was rigged in all states but the caucus states — which are the ones he won — when that is the most undemocratic process and intimidatingly “rigged” selection of all.

That is why Debbie Wasserman Schultz called him an ass. He was being one.

And that’s exactly why he has not received an apology from the Democratic Party. Because they are not sorry. 

Bill and Hillary Clinton were raising  double digit millions for down ticket ballots to help us take back the Senate so we can secure the Supreme Court for the next generation, and Bernie Sanders was doing none of that. He was, while claiming to look out for the best interest of the country,  looking out for the best interest of Bernie Sanders.

If you don’t want the Democratic party to call you or your campaign manager an ass, Bernie,  don’t be one! And if you didn’t like the way the Democratic Party functions, run as an independent. But when you choose to become a Democrat, to run as one for an entire year — campaigning as a Democrat while loudly tainting Clinton and our Party,  does not win you any supporters.

So spare me the bellyaching when it does not.


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