Trump and Putin Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Donald Trump’s first bankruptcy was after he racked up almost a billion dollars in debt building buildings that he could not pay for. Because what Donald Trump was good at, was convincing people to give him money.  He wasn’t good at actually turning a profit or paying it back.

Then, credit ratings happened. The way lenders lend money changed.  Several bankruptcies later, American banks will not lend money to Donald Trump. Where does he go? Russia.

And now there is actual proof that Russian hackers were behind the leaks of the DNC emails — trying to divide the Democratic party because they know that’s the only way they can facilitate a Trump presidency. 

Why would Russia want to ensure a Donald Trump presidency?

Right after Donald Trump claims that if Russia was to get into it with NATO nations, that we might not back our NATO allies. We already know about Putin invading Crimea. We already know that he downed an airliner. We already know about his shady business deals prior to the Sochi Olympics — where he gave government contracts to his wealthy billionaire contractor friends and overpaid them, plunging the Russian economy to a pitfall.  We already know he’s clearly a fan of Donald Trump. Particularly, now,  when Trump’s dumb ass told the world that if Putin was to get into some beef with European nations, we might not stand behind them.

Russia has been giving Donald Trump money, now Donald Trump will give Putin the kingdom of an expansion in Europe.

There are conspiracy theories and then there are trails.  This is a trail.  People, pay attention.

If you actually believe that a self-indulgent, self-obsessed, tempermental billionaire really wants the non-ending, thankless, selfless job of an American president just because he cares about you, then you’re part of the reason that we are globally falling so far behind in the education of our citizens.

Because you’re just flipping stupid.

Generous, caring, philanthropic people have a history of it and, generally speaking, a lifetime of generosity and public service. They don’t just wake up one day, suddenly, when they’re sitting on a pile of cash and decide to do something good for this world — that doesn’t, strangely enough, involve the donation of their dollars.


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