Donald Trump’s America.

Right when I’m feeling down on myself and disheartened by the state of our national conversation, I see a tweet (I’m paraphrasing) that reads: “Yeah, RNC, we see your Scott Baio and we raise you Meryl f-cking Streep.”

Instantly, I love life again.

It’s almost as good as the one two days ago that said: “Cory Booker got me so fired up, I wanna take off my shirt and ride a bald eagle.”

I always flash back to that man four years ago who told me, “You know, I don’t know much about politics. I watch the debates, I read a little, and then I always vote for who I believe is best qualified to do the job. But I gotta tell you, I watched some of each of the conventions, and man, if I had to get stuck in a room for more than four minutes with with either side, I’d pray like hell it’s the Democrats.”

I wonder if that guy is watching this year.

President Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama, Jimmy Carter’s grandson and a screen appearance by the great Georgia man himself. Joe Kennedy III; 9/11 survivors; Pittsburgh Police Chief; Congressmen who worked with Hillary after losing his cousin, a Firefighter, in the trade center attacks. Madeline Albright. Every kick ass Senator in the Democratic Party. Mothers of the movement — from Jordan Davis’ mother to Trayvon Martin’s. A beautiful, inspirational young woman with a disability who has known Hillary Clinton since she was nine. A survivor of sex trafficking. Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, Eric Holder. The outstanding young men from New York’s Eagle Academy. Alicia Keys, Paul Simon, Andra Day. Ashley Judd, Randy Jackson, Jason Collins, Eva Longoria, Kareem Abdul Jabar, and Meryl f-cking Streep.

Should I go on?

Suffice it to say every prominent figure and rising star in the Democratic Party and some of entertainment’s brightest and best. From poor to rich. Black to white. Gay, straight, in between, and none of your damn business. We are America, Republicans. We are.

Democrats — the party of the people.

Contrast that to Cleveland where not only had any important member of the Republican party bailed, but those who are up for reelection in the Senate, went out of their way to denounce Trump and stay clear out of fear it will hurt them in the fall. It was a who’s who of who’s that. And every character witness Donald Trump could put forth shared his same name.

A Tennessee Girl Gets a Look at Trump’s America

Yesterday, the woman at Dunkin Donuts couldn’t hear me when I ordered my coffee at the speaker, so she told me to “repeat that and speak English this time.”

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America.

When I responded with, “Excuse me?” she told me to pull forward.

When I got to the window and she saw that — gasp! — not only was I white, I was a favorite and a regular, she instantly begin walking back her comment and making some unnecessary and unwanted justifications about “trying to figure out what people are saying” being as hard as hearing people.

Here’s the problem with that excuse — that particular speaker is broken. I have to repeat myself every day. She took that, her inability to understand me, as an excuse to be petty and rude. Because we’re living in a time where that’s acceptable. Can you imagine the extent it would multiple under a Trump presidency?

Her words — and her dismissive attitude — angered me. And anger is when I’m at my comedic best. So when she got through backtracking her bigotry and said, “Now, what did you order?”

I said:  “Tengo uno café frío. Refill, por favor. ”

That’s Spanish, bitch.

Now, it’s been years since Senora Ramsey and I have zero idea if that’s even close to correct, but it isn’t the point. (And I’ve been studying Spanish lessons on YouTube and I wanted to practice as much as I wanted to be a smart ass.) I actually think it’s quiero…anyway.

Here’s the point. Tourism. I’m right outside of Nashville, off the interstate and, if one was on a road trip west of Nashville, on the way to Loretta Lynn’s place. Tourism in Nashville has taken off in ways we can’t imagine. It’s not just across America, we’ve become a global destination. Now, when our friends across the globe dream of American vacations, it’s not just New York, D.C., Los Angeles they long to see. No, Taylor Swift fans abroad want to see where stars like her call home. Nashville is booming! It makes me want to be 19 and waiting tables again — if only I could know then what I know now and keep this attitude.

We’ve all had a friend’s relative, coworker, customer who speaks with a heavy accent and who we struggled to understand. The proper response is, “I’m really sorry, but I’m having a hard time understanding. Would you mind repeating that for me?”

Why was the angry, indignant self-righteousness resentment that this young lady was so obviously instantaneously filled with one that jumped to the snap conclusion that just because she couldn’t understand me that I was an “illegal immigrant” who was here to “take her job.”

Because it was all up in her voice and written all over her face.

It may be hard for those “take our county back” folks to imagine, but sometimes we go there and people come here. It is a thing.

Can you imagine if the locals treated us that way on vacation to Cancun or if Brits went back after a trip across the pond, saying: “What is going on over there, and why are they so bloody angry?”

Could, by chance, this woman’s willingness to jump at the chance to be rude to someone she perceived wasn’t speaking English, have anything to do with the rhetoric coming out of the presidential race on the other side?

This is a glimpse of Donald Trump’s America, y’all.

Welcome to it.


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