Skank Cyberstalkers Attempt to Strike AGAIN — Oooooohhh!

Note:  Oh, and thank you to Chris and Toni Woodard, Misty Mahan Dantico, Joey Hillard, Carla Tummins Howell,  or which ever one of the scarily obsessed with me skank cyberstalkers reshared my “I’m having a heart attack” post. With every copy and paste you reshare, you prove what the entire world knows to be true:  Even on my craziest, worst hyperthyroidism day, you won’t ever be me on your best — you, sad, sad overweight Ooompa Loompa lump of white trash.

I cannot believe how important I am in your life.

I pray for your children. It must suck to have someone so scary as a parent. As I’ve said before, jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone. And you people reek of it.

These people are so intellectually dented that they STILL don’t get that if I post it, I don’t care if you read it, dumbasses. YOU do not matter to me. You are NOT the mean people I was referring to, assholes. Ha! You people are pitiful.


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