Trump Voter in Tennessee.


Sitting at Dunkin Donuts having coffee and using the WiFi, when I see ^^ this guy. I halfway feel like he’s the father of the “speak English” girl I wrote about. How is my life real?  THIS STUFF ONLY HAPPENS TO ME!

If you can’t see, it reads:  “Vote Trump! Send Hillary to jail! Honk if you agree!”  The other side read: “Impeach Obama!”

I pulled up to see what he wanted to me to do if I disagreed, but he didn’t seem interested in conversation. He never rolled his window down. The funniest part was his van was dented in three different huge places where he, obviously, liked to hit stuff. Dude can’t  maneuver a minivan but he wants to tell me what to do with the most sacred and hard won right on Earth?

Even better, Dickson kids, do you wanna guess what county?  Can you see? (Actually, to be polite, I cropped out the plate on my blog. So if you’re not reading this on Facebook, you’ll have to just guess.) Hickman or Humphreys? Guess!

Humphreys! Go BIG Blue!

*eye roll*

Even more giggle inducing, because I have good gut instincts and everything in me told me that this was the father of the “speak English” girl I wrote about in my blog post  Donald Trump’s America, as I was pulling through for my refill, I looked over at the employee parking lot, sure enough… there is a car, dented  from hood to bumper,  with Humphreys County tags that seems to match the minivan.

There just can’t be two totally unrelated people that behave this way at the same place, right??

Now, my car has peeling paint, so clearly — I’m not mocking anybody’s paid-for ride. Because I think we can all agree it’s better than a $600 car note.  But… BUT, now, when your car is littered with dents that indicate that, without question,  you are the repetitive hitter and not the hittee (and yes, you can tell the difference), it gives me the giggles that when you cannot master the simple principle of parking a vehicle, how in the hell you want to tell us things like the economic sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table are bad? And expect us to extend you credibility.  You can’t use reverse without complication — how the hell do you know anything about a nation stockpiling plutonium-based weapons?

I’m also not one to see anything wrong with anybody’s homemade political paraphernalia.  I’m all about the campaign swag.

Here, I’ll show you:


(^^ —  Sign I made to set by the highway until I could get one from the Democratic headquarters — and also in response to the homemade Trump sign on Hwy 47 I was sick of looking at every damn day.)


(Signs I made for the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.)


So clearly, I looove a little redneck ingenuity. But when I wanted some Hillary swag for my vehicle, I made a $5 campaign donation last summer and got this:


Good campaign god, these Trump voters in Tennessee tickle me.

Obama is not going to be impeached, a-hole. Move along.


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